Reality Sandwich presents…

Sneak Preview: "Footsteps in Africa: A Nomadic Journey"

Discussion with Director Kathi von Koerber,  Editor CC Treadway, Composer Jamshied Sharifi, and RS Editorial Director Daniel Pinchbeck

Catch a sneak preview of an exquisite cinematic journey followed by a
discussion with the film's director Kathi von Koerber, its editor CC
Treadway, and composer Jamshied Sharifi.  "Footsteps in Africa, a
Nomadic Journey" is a documentary, witnessing the colorful music of the
daily life and ritualistic survival of the Saharan desert nomads of
Mali. The Tuareg / Kel Tamashek relate their nomadic quest for freedom,
their pursuit for oneness with life, and their integration of
encroaching modern ways into their tradition of life. For thousands of
years their survival reveals the innate wisdom of living as one with
nature in the desert, allowing them to survive beyond droughts and
their rebellions. Shot on 24P Video ,16 mm and interlaced with still 
photography, the  film expresses the power of music, its frequencies,
and the Tuareg's courage, strength and willingness to face death.

Wed. Dec. 17
The Wild Project
195 E 3rd st. (212) 228-1195
(7p doors, 8p screening, $15)