In addition to rediscovering MDMA and popularizing its therapeutic use, Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin also synthesized hundreds of new psychoactive chemicals and – with his wife and companion Ann – chronicled their effects in two legendary volumes, PIKHAL and TIKHAL

Last year, at the age of 85, Sasha suffered a stroke and now requires full-time medical care. This benefit compilation – organized in partnership with Reality Sandwich, MAPS, SSDP, and CoSM – is the response from an international network of musicians whose work and lives have been enriched and inspired by the work of these two pioneers and their courageous exploration of nonordinary consciousness.

L.A.B. Tracks: A Benefit Album for Sasha Shulgin is a double-disc album of twenty-seven pieces – many written for this project – contributed by RS community members & other freaks, including Stardust Output, Ninsopolis, Animus Invidious, Psylab, Deux Helix, The Acidophiles, drnknmstrr feat. Sarah Cranberry, Thought Photography, Shadow Attack, EXIN, Dreamcode,
Rhizomorph, Beneciwicz, McDonough Garfield Uzzardi, Anima L, Enumclaw,
phat kid, Braindouche, Wonderland, crashzendo, Pelican Daughters, Yellow
Crystal Star
, Jack Hertz, Zympht, Chris Adams, Colliding Paths, &
Vanessa Rossetto…and includes gorgeous cover art by Alex Grey.

The L.A.B., or "Large Animal Bioassay," was the pet name given to visionary chemist Sasha Shulgin's small group of friend-volunteers who spent years exploring the effects of his newly-discovered molecules on their consciousness. This heroic team of psychonauts were the first to experience hundreds of novel states of consciousness, and it is in their honor that we name this compilation of eclectic tracks. 

Just as their own journeys took them into realms of both the profound and profane, pleasure and anxiety, these two hours of music – spread over one disc for dancing and one for ambient space-outs – are the perfect accompaniment for an adventure to the human mind's furthest horizons.

At some point in the months to come, RS will release a DJ mix of these tracks by album and website contributor Dreamcode (aka Tristan Gulliford).  In the meantime, enjoy the diversity and talent of our community and support a good cause! 

Love and thanks,

Michael Garfield & Musicians For Sasha Shulgin

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