The winter solstice of 2012 marks the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and with it comes a medicine bag of fear and hope. If you are a regular reader of Reality Sandwich you are probably well-versed in the various possibilities that are speculated. Rosemary Regello’s article, “Apocalypse 2012?” is a truncated synopsis of the phenomena. It touches upon almost every hypothesized scenario out there — from galactic alignment to sea desalination. The site is regularly updated with current information and provides a robust reading list and various links for all your 2012 needs. The information provided is succinct and intriguing, but doesn’t move far beyond the materialistic.

Some of the interesting aspects of ancient prophesy and timekeeping are touched upon, but ideas regarding consciousness transformation are a bit sparse. It’s primarily a Dooms Day list; and reading it could leave you feeling ill prepared to deal with the possible external realities looming ahead. However, perhaps it is through actively engaging our fear of the unknown that we can prepare for a meaningful 2012. 


Image: "Total Solar Eclipse" by n011 on flickr courtesy by Creative Commons licensing.