Several high quality videos depicting what appear to be UFOs over London have been attracting the attention of the media.  The videos were taken from different parts of the city and reveal glowing white orbs whizzing between clusters of clouds. One video shows a larger orb–which has been dubbed the "mothership"–holding position for some time over the BBC building. 

In addition to the objects, the footage also captures small crowds of people looking up at the sky–lending credibility to it not being a photo-shopped hoax.  The presence of these other people, however, has led some to insist this was a staged form of guerrilla marketing–a kind of "Orson Welles-lite" meant to garner attention for one of several sci-fi movies due to come out over the next year.  According to this theory, the orbs are merely simple CGI, and the people on the street are actors.


You can watch the "mothership" over BBC video for yourself here and the second video of fast-moving objects over Tower Bridge here: