A group of Peruvian shamans led by Juan Osco met at Mount San Cristobal, Lima's highest point, on Sunday December 28th to offer protection and prosperity to world leaders for the upcoming new year.  Included on the list to receive healing were President-elect Barack Obama, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Peruvian Presdient Alan Garcia Perez, Bolivian President Evo Morales, and Cuban President Fidel Castro.  The ceremonial leader Juan Osco explained that "We are performing this ritual to lift everyone's spirit so that next year will go well.  Especially for the Obama family and especially that Peru be favored and work against the financial crisis."

The shamans have gathered at Mount San Cristobal for ten consecutive years, making use of incense, swords, human skulls, yellow paper, and yellow flowers to consecrate the ceremony.  In addition to healing and protection offered to world leaders, part of the ritual involved predicting the future.  Regarding Barack Obama's 2009, Osco stated that "There will be no threats against his life.  His family will be fine…What happened to Kennedy and other people won't happen to him.  It won't be that way."

World leaders were not the only ones to receive special attention, as the shamans dedicated part of the ceremony to the King of Pop.  Osco dispelled rumors that Michael Jackson is approaching death and envisioned a much stronger year for him.

All things considered, these Peruvian shamans have an uplifting outlook for 2009.  More details and predictions are available, as well as a video of the ritual.

Story suggested by Philip Heying

Image "IMG_0453" provided by Uhlek42 on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons liscense.