Last month, Reality Sandwich and Jivamukti Yoga School presented Evolver: Wake Up and Dream, which brought together some 750 people from a diverse array of NYC tribes for a night of presentations, performances, art and dancing. It was in many ways a true success, amazing connections were made across multiple channels, and the party was still driving hard into the wee hours.

The evening began with a discussion between Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon and Reality Sandwich editorial director Daniel Pinchbeck. Within hours of the talk, visitors to RS were posting furious comments, outraged at things either Sharon or Daniel said – or were thought to have said. A few courageous souls replied in defense of the speakers. Debate raged for a couple of weeks before finally settling into more thoughtful ruminations. Finally, in an act that demonstrates the mindfulness of the RS community, a couple of the original flame throwers apologized for kicking off the discussion in such heated tones.

What could Daniel and Sharon have possibly said to spark such controversy? Now you can hear for yourself. Here's a video of the infamous dialog, "Asanas and Ayahuasca."




Video filmed and edited by Drew Meeks. Animation by Travis Spangler.