Around 1997 when I undertook to write a book on the
Mysteries of pre-Christian Paganism, I faced a formidable challenge. Central to
the scant surviving textual evidence of the Mysteries is a problematic body of
material called the Nag Hammadi Codices. Problematic on several counts. First
because these writings (of unknown origin) are in their content fragmentary,
chaotic, and contradictory. Most of the documents are pastiches of incongruous
material with breathtaking gaps in continuity. Problematic again because this
mess of pottage comes down to us in a scribal shorthand called Coptic, an
awkward language riddled with grammatical errors, misspellings, inconsistencs
of syntax, and contextual ambiguities (e.g., possessive pronouns as
"theirs, ours" have uncertain reference). Not to mention that Coptic
is totally unfitted for high sophistication of metaphysical and cosmological
syntax, the signature of Mystery teachings. I compared it to hiking boots on a ballerina.
Mud-caked hiking boots.

No wonder scholars prattle endlessly over the meaning of passages in the NHC,  even the meaning of single lines, and
never get around to extracting the message
contained in that flawed but precious legacy. An unfortunate omission, there.
For this material carries a message not to be found elsewhere, not in any
spiritual teachings be it the Vedas or Navajo creation myth, and not in any
metaphysical corpus, ancient or modern.   

Despite the deplorable condition of the materials, the NHC
presents traces of a unique spiritual achievement in the form of a master
narrative: the fallen goddess scenario.
This narrative is actually a full-length cosmography, that is,  the biography of a divine cosmic power
called Sophia. This common name means "wisdom" in Greek, hence Sophia
is the wisdom goddess. Gods are gendered in all myths, reflecting the interplay
of polar forces in the cosmos, and the female polarity usually carries a
special spin indicating the matrix of organic existence, living creatures. So
Sophia is a mother goddess — of sorts. The narrative says that she morphed
from a pure energetic state (stellar plasma, if you will) into the material
body of the earth. Hence, the fallen goddess scenario (FGS) is a planetary myth
that describes the origin of the earth. To my knowledge, in the entire body of
world mythology there exists no other complete and coherent scenario of
planetary evolution but this one.

On top of that, the FGS also describes the origin of
humanity, anthropogenesis. It says that Sophia, before she morphed into the earth, engineered the human genome in
consort with another divinity, a male counterpart named Thelete,
"Intended." Sophia is therefore the preterrestrial parent of the
human race, both the source of  the human genome (anthropos) and the setting in which humanity unfolds its
genomic potential. Take it or leave it, the Sophianic vision story presents
outstanding features not to be found in any other mythic scenario.  Such was the astonishing discovery I
made upon delving into the daunting dung heap of Nag Hammadi writings.


Being Aimed

The FGS was the sacred myth of the founders and teachers of
ancient shamanic cults called the Mysteries. They called themselves telestai,
"those who are aimed." From the Greek telos, "aim, goal,
objective." Their opponents, ideologues of the salvationist paradigm of
Judeo-Christianity, contemptuously called them gnostics, "smart asses,
know-it-alls." Gnostics did not call themselves by that name still
attached to them, which originated as a slander and dismissal, often coupled
with an outright threat: "You are too damned smart for your own good and
you need to be shut up." In the precincts of the Mystery cults, they
called each other "those who are aimed" in specific reference to what
aimed them: namely, a guiding myth, a master narrative. For the telestai, the
Sophianic vision story was unique and paramount, surpassing all other myths
known to the human species. And as such, it was the myth supremely designed to
guide the human species in coevolution with the natural world.

Understand myth here in the sense of a true description
rendered in poetic or metaphorical terms, not a lie or fantasy contrived to
explain what is not understood. Writing on the Egyptian Mysteries of Isis and
Osiris, Plutarch, one of the last known Mystery initiates, insisted that sacred
myths are veracious accounts of real events: "Whoever applieth these allegories
to the blessed Divine Nature, deserves to be treated with contempt. We must not
however believe that they were mere fables without any meaning, like those of
the Poets. They represent to us things that really happened."

The fall of the wisdom goddess is not a mere allegory, but
an event that really happened. And is still happening, for the sacred narrative
of the Gnostics is open-ended. The FGS does not conclude with a prescripted
triumph of unification in divine love, nor with a gruesome doomsday event
pitting the saved against the sinners. It does not conclude at all, for it is a
participatory myth whose outcome depends
on human engagement in the story.
And the moment for that engagement is
right now. What it has to be now rather than at any other moment in time, or
all through time, for that matter, is the point I wish to show by the end of
the essay.

Until my book Not in
His Image
appeared in 2006, no scholar of Gnosticism or the Pagan Mysteries
had ever restored this sacred narrative in its entirety. Or even tried to do
so. Gnostic scholarship is a scandal of denial, distortion, and selective
omission when it comes to Pagan Mystery teachings, arcane material that
legitimate scholars such as Elaine Pagels and Karen King wouldn't touch with a
ten-foot pole, perhaps fearing accusations of witchcraft. Being progeny of
Judeo-Christian faith, these experts cannot allow that sacred instruction never
to be found in the Old or New Testament was lavishly developed and disseminated
by Gnostic initiates such as Simon Magus, who said: "There is a certain power of immense and
ineffable Light whose greatness may be held to be incomprehensible, of which
power even the maker of this world is ignorant, and Moses the lawgiver, and
Jesus your master" (Clementine
, 2.49).

As I just noted, scholars blather endlessly over the meaning
of the Gnostic Coptic materials from Nag Hammadi, while totally ignoring the
imperative message of those materials. A unique and decisive message for
humanity, then as now. And more than ever, now. 

So what is the message of the telestai of the Mysteries, and
how does it matter to us today?

The answer is alarmingly simple: the Gnostic message is
about deviance from our true potential as a species, and consequent jeopardy of
the divine experiment unfolding on earth due to our separation from Sophia,
wisdom embodied in the earth. Both the explanation of the deviance and the
solution to it, including reconnection to source, are contained in the sacred
narrative of the Mysteries, the Sophianic vision story.

Because this cosmographical narrative is the biography of
the earth, it may also be called the Gaia Mythos. On around
2002  I introduced the neologism
Gaia-Sophia to indicate the presence of the wisdom goddess in the material
planet, the biosphere, including the atmosphere and the electromagnetic field
that permeates the realm of the senses. It's a memorable name because it
rhymes, GUY-uh-So-FI-uh, and seems to be catching on.  I propose So-FI-uh to distinguish the sacred term from the
common name for a woman, So-FEE-uh. Also, So-FI-uh rhymes with desire.
According to the telestai, desire plays a huge role in the story of the wisdom
goddess. That would be desire, not love. Please note that distinction.


Astronomical Myth

Working through the Coptic writings and related materials,
such as the polemics of the Church Fathers that contain in paraphrase some
elements of Sophianic cosmography missing from those sources, I gradually
pulled together the plot of the Gaia Mythos. The story arc, to use a
screenwriting term. And what a cinematographic opus it is! From around 1996
onward until 2006 when Not in His Image
came out, I reworked the story hundreds of time to pare it down to a
nine-episode format, with an alternate version in 16 episodes (a prose poem on, incomplete). There are not many ways to tell this story, which
is complex and intricate. Like the sacred narratives of indigenous peoples from
Australia to the American West, it has to be recounted with huge respect to
accuracy of detail and consistency of story-line. There are rigorous boundaries
for improvisation on the plot. Some episodes in the past require amplification,
but meticulously. The present episode
can only be told as it happens, lived
through by human witnesses who engage the
plot in real time
. In other words, the plot does not end but continues with
a resolution, a shift that determine the future of the divine experiment. How
exactly to engage the plot and contribute to that shift by morals and method, I
wish to explain in a second, follow-up essay.

The telestai called the planetary shift now underway,
"Sophia's correction." Greek diorthosis,
"dual or two-way solution."

As I recovered and restored the FGS, two features of this
sublime narrative astonished me, and continue to do so to this day. First, the
Sophianic story is a veracious astronomical register of cosmic history. Second,
the story arc beyond a certain point depends on direct interactivity between
the human species and the wisdom goddess embodied in the earth. Put these
features together and it becomes immediately clear that Sophia's correction
offers a fabulous opportunity: to unite with our divine source making the
correction in planetary evolution as the wisdom goddess directs and reveals
it,  and to do so by tracking a specific astronomical event.
The correction is hers, and it unfolds in an astronomical event commanded on
her scale. But it is our mission as a species on the planetary scale to fit
into the cosmic shift she now undertakes. Hence, there is a two-way solution:
wisdom proceeds on her self-determined interstellar trajectory, charting her
own course in the spiral arms, and humanity (or a self-selected party of human
participants) concurs in the course correction, following her designs and
purposes. Concurs knowingly and deliberately, acting on free choice, guided by
the vision story. Acting by shared intention and according to a common method.
I call the directive framework of that method Planetary Tantra.

The intriguing topic of Sophia's correction shows up only
three or four times in the Gnostic Coptic literature. One pithy instance occurs
in a long cosmological text,  the Apocryphon of John (14.10)  "And she [Sophia] was taken up not into
the Pleroma, but above the Demiurge, that she might be in the Ninth until she
corrected her defect." The Pleroma ("fullness, plenitude") is the
astronomical setting of the Sophianic myth, the place where the story happens.
Due to trained paranormal faculties, Gnostic seers would have been able to
recount events specific to our galaxy,
distinguished from what happens elsewhere in the Universe, among the unnumbered
congeries of all galaxies.

This myth is specific to the home planet and its galactic
setting. Anyone seeking a larger perspective can look elsewhere. Good luck. To
my mind, it is just common sense to work out the truth about what's happening
here and now, on earth, among humanity and all species, as well as
extraterrestrial species affecting the earth, and then go on to look beyond the
immediate planetary environment. Call this the Sophianic focus. (And yes, the
FGS does include an extraterrestrial presence in the plot. See below.)

The Gaia Mythos is an astronomical account of an event
transpiring in our home galaxy. Like their counterparts, Asian yogis, Taoist
adepts, and Amazonian ayahuasceros with firsthand visionary access to the
heavens, Gnostic seers could detect the elementary structure of the galaxy we
inhabit: a lenticular spiral of pinwheel formation with a bulging core and four
or five encircling limbs, the spiral arms. They called the galactic core the
Pleroma, realm of infinite potential, and the spiral arms, the Kenoma, realm of
finite potential where stars emerge and planetary worlds arise. In the Pleroma
there is no stellar or planetary form, nor any animal or anthropocentric
creaturely life, not even angelic forms. There are only massive torrents of
living, animating luminosity, serpentine currents composed of that immense and
ineffable Light of which Simon Magus spoke: Organic Light. Although it harbors
no discrete creaturely life-forms, the galactic core is the platform for the
generation of countless experiments with living forms that unfold in the spiral
arms. Such is the Gnostic perspective on how the overseeing gods of our galaxy
entertain themselves: by engineering species that emerge in experimental worlds
throughout the spatial arms.  This
is the panspermia concept enunciated 1600 years before Svante Arhennius in
1903. (Anaxagoras, who was initiated into the Mysteries, propounded this theory
in the 5th century BCE.)

To Gnostic seers, it was irrefutably clear that the human
species was engineered by Aeons in the galactic core, not by any "advanced
species" from another world system in the spiral arms. Moreover, the
telestai asserted that one predatory "ET" species called archons did attempt
to meddle with the preexisting, Aeonically generated human genome (anthropos),
an event described as "the rape of Eve." Attempted, but failed. The Hypostasis of the Archons recounts
this crucial incident (89.15): "And
the Archons became attracted to Eve, the primal woman. They said to one
another, 'Come, let us sow our seed in her,' and they pursued her. And she
laughed at them for their witlessness, and their blindness; and within reach of
their clutches, she turned into a tree, and left before them a shadowy
reflection of herself."


Divine Experiment

The brief citation above describes Sophia, one of those
Pleromic gods (Aeons), separated from the core, sequestered in the Ninth until
she corrects her defect.  In
Mystery jargon, the Ninth is the realm of the planet earth — nine being the
pre-eminent number of the goddess. 
The Eighth is the sphere of the Zodiac, and the Seventh or Hebdomad is
the zone of the Demiurge, the inorganic planetary system apart from earth,
moon, and sun. According to Gnostic cosmology, our home planet earth does not belong to the planetary system but is
merely captured in it
. An outstanding claim, to say the least. Weird and
implausible, you say?  Recent
discoveries of the existence of "free-floating planets" make the
Gnostic earth capture theory more plausible, if you like that kind of
corroboration… Also, I have shown in Not
in His Image
that the odd notion of an organic planet captured in an
inorganic system is compatible in all key aspects with the Gaia hypothesis of Lovelock
and Margulis.

Sophia's defect arises due to something that happened when
she was in the Pleroma, prior to her "fall," a plunge into the spiral
arms: imagine an immense plume or feathery spike of Organic Light shooting from
the core laterally across the galactic limbs.  (Astrophysicists recently discovered the tunnel-like trace
of such a plume in the near region of the third spiral arm.) Her defect is like
a defection from the cosmic order, a startling  departure from the usual activity of the Aeons who do not
enter the Kenoma, even though they oversee experiments implanted there.
Gnostics called Sophia  prunikos, "rash, reckless,
impetuous, outrageous", due to her excessive desire to see one strain of
the anthropos emerge and thrive in a
special experiment of her singular conception.
Doing so, she violated two
norms of Aeonic activity. First, after having acted with her consort Thelete to
engineer the human genetic design, she went on to indulge all by herself in her private fantasy of an experiment for the
anthropos. Second, due to the sheer intensity of her desire to see this
experiment realized, she plunged physically from the galactic core into the
spiral arms and became enmeshed in extra-Pleromic conditions such as gravity,
differential rotation, electromagnetic stress, atomic and subatomic
interactions of elementary matter.

In short, the goddess fell into the steaming stewpot of
stellar-planetary evolution because she was dreaming about a recipe she wanted
to cook up, all by her lonesome! Do cooks usually fall into the pot? Consider
the plight of the Aeon Sophia!

This metaphor in culinary terms indicates an astronomical
reality, an event that actually occurred in our galaxy. And it does something
else as well: it presents the story of the wisdom goddess in a way that invites
empathy and participation. Through and through, in each detail as well as in
the overall plot structure, the Gaia Mythos invites empathy for Sophia. But not
just blind, sentimental empathy: insightful, knowing empathy. Engaged empathy that compels the human
heart to respond to the plight of a divine, superhuman being. Empathy for
Sophia is the precondition of the planetary shift on human terms, the portal to
her correction.

I would emphasize, however, that such empathy does not
entail seeing the earth as a rape victim or a helpless blob of matter at risk
of destruction due to human folly. We are not killing the planet, we don't have
that power. We are merely killing ourselves and making the Gaian habitat
unlivable for future generations. Empathy for the wisdom goddess can be tested
by the way it introduces and initiates an individual into her wisdom, and frees
the human mind from consensus, convention, and blind speculation. The best
authority on life on earth is the intelligence of the earth itself. The only
way to really know what risk the planet is facing from human madness is to ask
the planet.  The trick is, getting
her attention.

Think of Gaia-Sophia as a one-parent planet. Originally, the
wisdom goddess co-engineered the human genome with another Aeon in the Pleroma,
according to cosmic law: "It is
the will of the Originator not to allow anything to happen in the Pleroma apart
from a syzygy, the coupling of Aeons" (A
Valentinian Exposition
28: 32). But the Pleromic gods are not tyrants,
especially not the Originator (Propater),
the unitary source of the multiple galactic Aeons. The celestial serpent powers
do not lay down laws and punish non-compliance. Love and freedom pervade the
foundations of the cosmos. Sophia was free to operate unilaterally, and she did
just that, acting on her own sweet caprice. She indulged without a
consort in an intense daydream about an experiment that might unfold in one
possible world inhabited by one possible strain of the anthropos, her pet
species — that would be us.

"The world as
we know it came about through an anomaly (anomou)"
(The Gospel of Philip, 1-5). There in
a tweet is the consummate message of Gnostic cosmology. Scholars translate anomou as "mistake." But was
the Aeon Sophia's impetuous fall really a mistake? No, it was an exceptional
event that set in motion weird, far-reaching side-effects, a chain of anomalous
consequences.  Get your mind around
this astonishing proposition and you get the unique set-up in the human world on
earth, why things have gone so badly wrong in the divine experiment the wisdom
goddess imagined for us. You also get the solution to the set-up, the way to
turn around what's wrong. Welcome to Sophia's correction. Of course, you have
to know first what needs to be corrected.

To know that, stick to the story, the sacred narrative of
the Mysteries. It tells everything we need to know about the challenge facing
humanity on this planet.

Sophia is separated from the company of Aeons at the
galactic core, cut off, momentarily out of contact due to her intense
enmeshment in a planetary experiment she had uniquely previsioned. She could not and did not anticipate certain
conditions that would impact that experiment, consequent to her fall.
did not, for one thing, anticipate how the impact of her Pleromic luminosity
upon elementary matter in the spiral arms would spontaneously produce a
species, the locust-like cyborgs called archons. Even before the earth arose,
the archon horde erupted in interstellar space (like the Acari insects of the
famous experiment by Andrew Crosse in 1837). Commanded by their reptilian
overseer the Demiurge, they falsely claimed to be creator gods in their own
right. Yet they are nothing but demented insects.

This unanticipated burst of inorganic life-forms in the
impact zone of her plume took Sophia by surprize. The archon locust horde was a
messy, meddlesome swarm, and quite distracting. To occupy the horde, the
goddess allowed them to construct a heaven world for a habitat: the inorganic
planetary system of celestial mechanics (stereoma).
Picture a maze-like ET Disneyland in the third spiral arm. The archons are a
mimic species, cosmic copy-cats. Their habitat is a static, lifeless duplicate
of fractal patterns in the Pleroma. In their delusion they take themselves for
lords of all the cosmos they survey. They disrespect boundaries, looking
aggressively and enviously at any region of the Kenoma that does not fall under
the dead mechanical laws of their home zone. They are not evil, but engage in
deceit and confusion to entertain themelves. Having no life-force of their own,
they are parasitical to organic life but can only live vicariously off sentient

Sophia did not anticipate that these archon ETs would try to
intrude upon the strain of the anthropos she had selected to live out her
private experiment. As we have seen, this intrusion went so far as an attempt
to hack the anthropos, the human genome, but failed. Sophia and Thelete
designed the genome to resist that kind of intrusion, but they did not design the human mind with sufficient resistance to the
subterfuge of those same mind parasites who operate through hal,
"simulation, virtual reality."
  Read the story for the true plot of the human condition: our
species was not sufficiently designed to repel archontic mind intrusion because
our genomic design was engineered before
the conditions for such intrusion arose. This happened by anomaly, a
side-effect of the fall of the wisdom goddess.

Does this factor of the vision story tell you something
about the human capacity to deal with deception and predation in our own midst?
Why most people who are not prone to deceive and dissimulate fall so easily
into the designs of the psychopathic few who excel at such tactics? Have you
wondered why it appears that deceit has an advantage over honesty in our world?
Does the ingenuous or gullible quality of our species make sense in a new way,
in view of the archon factor?

Hang on, it gets better. Additionally, Sophia did not anticipate
that she would succumb to the conditions of the Kenoma where stars and planets
arise. As an entity composed of formless plasmic luminosity, Organic Light, she
was not accustomed to the stress and strain of interstellar dynamics. Under
these conditions, Sophia morphed into a planet, but a living, organic body on
its own, not a member of the archontic carousel. Imagine how the Aeon, dreaming
alone in the Pleroma, could not anticipate that she in her Pleromic substance would provide the setting for the divine
experiment she so desired to oversee. Not enter and engage, but oversee with
fond detachment, letting it play out on its own terms. Yet Sophia did become
the very setting of that experiment, the planetary body where it would unfold.
Her unilateral desire made her into a one-parent planet. That is why meiosis,
propagation by division into daughter cells, and generation of creatures from a
female ground plan prevails on this planet. Whereas things could be quite
otherwise and certainly are on other worlds, including planets inhabited by
other strains of the anthropos.

The Gaia Mythos explains many of the features of material
and biological existence unique to our planet, showing how it is exceptional in
the cosmic order. Because Sophia acted freely and unilaterally, we live on an
organic world directly indwelled and permeated by an Aeonic power. This is not
the case for all planetary bodies, even other organic bodies in the spiral
arms. Again, I emphasize that the astronomical myth of the Mysteries is unique
to this world. Likewise, the correction of the wisdom goddess is unique to the
human condition, whence arises the problem to be corrected. 


Deviance and Deceit

And what is the problem? A divine experiment originating in
the Pleromic center has gone wrong, or is at risk of going terminally wrong due
to anomalous, unforeseen conditions. Precisely, conditions that did not factor into the original set-up of
the experiment
as Sophia previsioned it. Conditions that even the wisdom
goddess did not anticipate

And what exactly is the experiment now at risk of going
terminally wrong? In a general sense, it is what we of the human species could
do here on earth, by way of creating a free, cooperative social order, if we
were to realize our divine potential and achieve it according to the designs
and purposes of the resident divinity, Gaia-Sophia. That is to say, the highest
planet-friendly, coevolutionary culture where the ethos of mutual aid prevails.
Fine, clear enough, but there is a nasty twist to the cosmic plot. Due to
anomalous conditions impacting the experiment, namely, the intrusion of the
archontic mind parasites, we are
challenged to detect and overcome
alien factor working in our own minds
. This alien factor is a compound
tendency to deceive, fake, hoax, conceal, lie, avoid, prevaricate, and pretend,
that frustrates the natural talent of our species, our ingenuous, open-ended
learning capacities. Children who go to school to learn how to read and write
are well prepared to learn but not prepared to be deceived about what they are
learning, are they?

Imagine that I teach you how to demount, repair, and remount
the carburetor for a '57 Chevvy. Easy enough, for human faculties are geared to
learn by example, going through the motions, counting on trial and error. I
might, for instance, let you make a mistake in placing a gasket, then allow you
to catch the error and correct yourself. Along those lines, you would surely
learn the task. The capacity for self-correction is a signature trait of our species,
and open to endless development. But if in the process of  teaching you, or pretending to teach
you, I intentionally deceive you about the parts of the device, the procedures,
or even about how a carburetor works in the first place — what then? When the
moment comes to exercise what you learned about carburetor repair, you would
fail. The experiment would be botched by deception. You would be tricked into

Just so, deception and secrecy, covert operations, fraud and
dissimulation, false attributions, lies and cover-ups of lies, threaten the
divine experiment that Sophia envisioned for the human strain on this planet,
herself embodied. No other myth from any time or culture, no other spiritual
teaching no matter how lofty or elegant, exposes and explains the origin and
operation of deceit as does the vision story of the Mysteries. Nothing else in
human reckoning comes close to this elucidation. Not remotely close.

Note that the Gnostic expose of extraterrestrial intrusion
does not blame archons for humanity's deviance from the divine experiment: it
states that these entities, also called "rulers" and
"authorities,"  prey upon and exaggerate our
tendency to prefer simulations of reality for reality itself. By turning
ourselves into aliens in our own natural habitat, we foster and fulfill the
alienating influence of the archontic mind parasites. We complete in fact and
act the deviant bias they merely insinuate in our minds. We are totally responsible for self-delusion.
Archons merely piggy-back on our folly and fallacy.


Vision and History

Upon completing Not in
His Image
, I was reticent to speculate on correction, although I did    advance some tentative
remarks and cautious guesses. I respected the fact that Gnostics had left this
aspect of the guiding narrative incomplete, unscripted… Now I understand that
my restraint had a deeper cause. Being steeped in Gnostic instruction, and
faithful to the telestic method of shamanism — you learn from the supernatural
or divine matrix of life by posing exact and cogent questions to it, as
Parzival posed a question to the Grail — 
I intuitively knew that no one could foresee or preconstruct mentally or
imaginatively how correction proceeds. Why not? Because the way correction
proceeds can only be known as it
proceeds, in real time.
That is the nature and essence of correction:
simultaneity of human intent and imagination with the incentive of the wisdom

To conclude this essay,  let's return to the matter of timing. Why should correction
be happening precisely now? Rather than at some moment in the past. Or rather
than perpetually, as a transtemporal, ongoing event? Or at a moment coded into
a calendric system, such as 2012? And how do I know that my call on the timing
of planetary shift is true? Uniquely true.

Here I invite you to consider a monumental inference. An
inference, however, that can be supported by concrete evidence seen in
terrestrial and astronomical changes, shocking events, anomalies. I submit that
this entire bizarre mythological narrative of the Gaia Mythos is plausible in
telluric and astronomical terms and can be verified by science. It can also be
verified by the simple observations of ordinary people: for instance, the
observation that the sun rises unusually far to the north lately. That strange
rumblings often mount from the interior of the earth. That the entire sky goes
ablaze inexplicably. That the pole star seems displaced on some nights.  And much, much more, with such
anomalies increasing day by day and reported by many people around the

Something is happening astronomically and geophysically in
correction. Something that I as a Gnostic scholar, even as a shaman with
imaginative technique at paranormal levels, could not have anticipated: the
earth is charting its own self-propelled, self-directed course through
interstellar space. Gaia-Sophia is making her way beyond the capture of the
archontic planetary system. Her course correction is not just a mythical trope,
it is an ongoing and verifiable astronomical event.

But this extravagant claim anticipates what I wish to
develop more closely in the follow-up essay: using a nautical metaphor to chart
Sophia's correction as an astronomical event progressing in real time. To
conclude here, I would rather introduce another way to determine if correction
really is getting underway right now, and why it would happen uniquely now. For
this determination, let's return to the story of the divine experiment
previsioned by Sophia before she plunged from the galactic core. How actually
did she picture the experiment? What were its terms and objectives? What risks
did it involve that would have made it interesting to her. a Pleromic observer?
What would have made it an experiment worth her attention, a game with something
at stake, that could have played out in various ways, etc.

Well, it is almost impossible to say. Just yet. But this
question might be approached by considering two factors relative to the
Gnostics, visionary and historical factors.

The visionary factor shows up in the NHC text entitled Trimorphic Protennoia. This arcane
document describes how Sophia in the Pleroma dreamed up a three-body
(trimorphic) system in which the original intent (protennoia) of her experiment
would unfold. As it is, we almost have those initial conditions. Almost. In
Gaian theory, earth, moon, and sun are structurally integrated into a single
system that supports organic life in
large, creaturely forms
, distinct from the rest of the solar system. Our
world is a three-body system captured in the archontic stereoma, the clockwork
realm of celestial mechanics. Or perhaps we only appear to be so captured.
Perhaps we are only captured in the fraud or simulation of dead mechanics, the
false paradigm of control, rote, hierarchy, fatality. Remember that the archons
are messengers of deception, hoaxers and fraudsters who use simulation to
captivate our minds. The greater part of their power over humankind lies in the
illusion of commanding power which in reality they do not possess. Yet appear
to possess if we attribute it to them. Hold that idea for a moment.  

The second factor supporting the monumental inference I am
proposing here is historical. Consider the known historical fate of the
Mysteries and the Gnostic adepts, the telestai. Additional to the Sophianic
vision story, the telestai had a warning for the world of their time, and the
world ahead. It concerns what they were up against, what they saw coming with
singular perspicacity. The telestai were not merely gifted with paranormal
skills and high imaginative talent, they were also astute observors of social
behavior. Their observations in that regard complement their visionary
perspective and bring it down to direct application.

Drawing on long-term scrutiny of events in the Middle East
where theocracy emerged, the telestai detected that the archontic mind
parasites had targeted a particular ethnic group, like the vector for spreading
a virus. "Yaldabaoth [the archon overlord] himself chose a certain man
named Abraham . . . and made a covenant with him that if his seed would
continue to serve him he would give to him the earth as an inheritance"
(Irenaeus, Against Heresies 1.3.01,
in paraphrase of Gnostic teachings). 
The entire Semite group was not infected, but the virus infiltrated the
human mind through that discrete selection, a sliver. Gnostic seers said that
the Demiurge, the demented pretender god who oversees the archon horde, chose
the Abrahamic faith for a vector into human history. The Mystery adepts
identified the Demiurge (Yaldabaoth) point blank with Yahweh or Jehovah, the
off-planet father god. Upon pointing out this identification to pious Jews and
Christian converts to Pauline salvationism, a program  hijacked from Judaism, they were not looked upon kindly.
"Your presumed god is a demented alien working against humanity, his
agenda of salvation is mere hoax, the pretext for murderous deceit" was
not a message well received in the Jewish-Christian communities of that time.
Fortunately, it is a message that survived for the world community today.


Ultimate Threat

"Jerusalem is the dwelling place of many archons,"
warns the First Apocalypse of James
(NHC V, 5. 25:18). The singular vector of archontic deceit identified by
Gnostic seers in parapsychological terms was historically incarnated in the Zaddikim sect at Khirbet Qumran on
the Dead Sea. Zaddik in Hebrew means
"righteous, perfect," implying compliance to a standard of perfection
above human nature. A transhumanist ideal, it seems. Or an anti-human con? The
head of the Zaddik movement is Melchizedek, an eerie, clone-like figure who is
said to be "without father, without mother, having neither the beginning
of days, nor the end of life" (Romans 7).  In an amazing admission totally ignored by most Christians,
Saint Paul declared Melchizedek to be the power behind Christ, superior to
Christ, the authority who anoints the Messiah, the Most High of Elyon. To
Gnostic eyes, here is the supreme archontic deceit iconically enshrined in the
human mind, the seat of all power that operates against the divine endowment of
humanity. Here is the crux of the arch-deception on earth.

Historically, the Zaddikim enforce a plan to wreck the
divine experiment because they have another agenda. Read the War Scrolls of the Dead Sea side by side
with the Book of Revelation and you
will see exactly what that agenda is. Some Gnostics actually encamped near the
Dead Sea to observe the Zaddikim fanatics. Knowing their game was detected, the
Zaddikim put the Children of Seth, a self-designation of telestai in the
Levantine Mysteries, at the head of the hit list on the tenth column of the War Scroll. The battle-lines of today
were drawn in 120 BCE. The adepts of Sophia recognized that the ultimate risk
to the divine experiment of the wisdom goddess would come from the apocalyptic
agenda of this minute faction of genocidal maniacs. And that agenda advances to
this day under the sigil of another Z, well-known to the world at large. 

Correction begins at the precise moment of ultimate
risk posed by the Zaddikim insanity rooted in Abrahamic faith, although not all
adherents to that faith are conscious agents of this program. But evil depends
on its minions and accomplices, who are Legion. Not only the Jewish people, but
people all around the world are accessory to the latter-day extrapolation of
the program of the "Covenanters" of Qumran. Gnostics came out in the
open, frontally exposing and opposing this program, and paid with their lives
for doing so. But the story is different today,  the plot is more advanced, enough of the human race is savvy
enough to catch the con, as Gnostics did. And the odds have shifted, favoring
the end of secrecy simply because the massive orchestration required to sustain
it has become unsustainable. Still, the ultimate risk has to be met frontally
and brutally at the exact moment when the archons reach the consummation of
their work. On the Origin of the World
(103.15-30) highlights this moment in a pre-terrestrial incident, the
declaration of Wisdom's dare.

When Pistis saw the impiety of
the Lord Archon [who claimed to be the only god, though not even a true god]
she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way:
"You are mistaken, blind one — false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal
luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will
appear among your automata. This luminous child will trample you in scorn just
as a potter's clay is pounded [into a lump]. And you will sink away to your
proper zone, the abyss, along with those who belong to your legion. For at the
consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in
the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it
never had been."?

That moment is now: the consumation of the works of deceit,
of the illusions of power. The moment when Wisdom's dare, calling deceit to the
end of its works, is enacted. This is the moment to ask, What is the supreme threat to the divine experiment of human potential
on this planet?
I submit that Sophia herself, being a Pleromic Aeon, wishes
humanity to recognize her radiant primary presence, Organic Light, and to
respect the symbiotic web of life in the habitat she provides, her planetary
body.  Above and beyond that, she
wishes that we realize her laws, principles of Pleromic order, namely, the free
energy dynamics at the root of the natural world. With application of free
energy dynamics, humanity would be able to create an harmonious social order
based on mutual aid and fair distribution of terrestrial bounty. Would it be
too much to imagine that discovery and application of free energy dynamics
would be crucial to the success of the divine experiment, on Sophia's terms?
For a moment, just imagine it could be that way.

And then imagine the scenario that might unfold if that
small faction of people terminally infected with the archontic virus, the
Zaddikim-Zionist vector, acquired the use of free energy dynamics and turned it
into a weapon against the rest of the human race, in service to their
anti-human, anti-life, anti-freedom, anti-goddess agenda. In service to
murderous insanity.  That is the
ultimate threat to the divine experiment, and that is exactly what has happened
on this planet, 9/11 being the proof.

So, I assert that correction happens right now because the
moment when the ultimate threat becomes a reality is also the moment when the myth comes true and the dare of
the wisdom goddess can be enacted for the future of the divine experiment on
earth by those who engage her story.


Image courtesy of NASA Goddard, via Creative Commons license.