Arlington Institute is a "non-profit research institute that specializes in thinking about global futures and trying to influence rapid, positive change".  The current issue of their FUTUREditions e-newsletter talks about imminent revoltion, shifting weather patterns, GM crop complications, and the possibility of transcending the limitations of aging.

  • In a poignant and stimulating video, hactivists deliver a Message from Anonymous: "…the only barrier [to major social change] is your reliance on a system that thrives on your dependence… Remain vigilant… It is time we start bettering ourselves first so that we may focus on the greater challenge at hand with intelligence and confidence…" (YouTube)
  • Nations compete to rival US defensive drone technology (Washington Post)
  • Researchers discover how to harness unused, ambient energy to power electronics (Before It's News)
  • This summer's bizarre weather intimations of a global freeze? (
  • Transcending aging: People alive today potentially the first with a 1000 year life-span (Mail Online)
  • The Sun is acting Strange (NASA)
  • Rising global temperatures stopped due to increased pollution (News Daily)
  • A new GM grass seed that was exempt from typical transgenic crop testing could exacerbate the presence of herbicide resistant weeds (Wired)
  • "Spies" seek to prophesy the future by data mining social media (Wired)