"The world arises with your perceptions." – The Buddha


The hands of the Divine Architect are prying open a very special cosmic window, beginning on Friday March 7th, with the New Moon in the sign of the imaginative mystic, the compassionate poet, the enchanted dreamer, Pisces. In the week which follows this New Moon, peaking on March 8th, the Sun will be ignited by the Epiphanous, Electric Sky-God Uranus. These are incredibly potent days for meditation upon the themes of spiritual liberation. Our urges for unconditional freedom, represented by Uranus, encounter the Sun's Light of Purpose and creative heart-center.

In the practice of Deity Yoga, in Tantric Buddhism, the goal is to visualize oneself as the form of the deity, inhabiting the celestial mansion of the deity's mandala. In other words, one sees in the deity and hears through the mantra of the deity, the luminous vibration of one's innate wisdom. Eventually, through this practice, our daily experience becomes continuously infused with this meditation, to the point where we realize that all forms which surround us are aspects of the mandala and all beings we encounter are also, in fact, deities. This creation of an attitude of "divine pride" in the meditator occurs only after one has become stabilized (shamatha) in the insight (vipassana) of intrinsic emptiness and unified awareness, symbolized by the endless knot of interdependence. This is the power of the Piscean imagination with its perception of the unified field of consciousness, informed by the Uranian impulse "to free" all sentient beings.

A more basic sort of meditation on emptiness involves another Uranus in Pisces theme: Synchronicity. Any situation one finds oneself in, when contemplated back to its origin, always resolves to the total interlocking chain of All-Being. The awareness of the impossibility of a separate self dawns on one absorbed in this concentration. Naturally, then, divine pride leads one to cultivate Bodhicitta, what Lama Yeshe calls the "supreme dharma practice," as it is the arising of spontaneous and limitless compassion for all sentient beings as well as the falling away of the attachment to the illusion of a separate self.

It is interesting that the Buddha, the epitome of the empathic Piscean energy, died during the Sun's annual passage through Pisces. This is celebrated on March 15th as the Parinirvana, the Great Liberation. The Buddhist "Nirvana," means liberation or extinction of the "fires" of lust, hate, and delusion, of craving and ignorance, of negative emotion. For Pisces, death is the extingusihing of the solitary, ego-deluded, false self, and its negative emotions, as it merges into the field of Unified Awareness. Singularity consciousness is not some moment in future time prophesied by calendar dates. If 2012 is indeed a state of consciousness, then it is Here, Now, accessible thru an attunement to a vibration of absolute presence. This state of Being pulses with the Power of Now, as Eckhart Tolle so eloquently elaborated upon in his bestselling book, released one year after Uranus' movement into Pisces. The sign of the fishes, though swimming in opposite directions, invokes the awareness which, though perceivng the multiple, actually trranscends duality through its celebration of the present and its blissful eternity.

This is why the poetic, mythic, and archetypal imagination are implementd as linguistic modes of transcendence. The Spirit-World, including angels, faeries, the deceased, the interdimensionals, and extraterrestials, the gods and goddesses all remind us of the interconnected, breathing web of life. Their synchronic messages can teach and heal in completely non-linear, irrational ways, through story, dream, and channeled information.

The vastly popular work of Doreen Virtue's Angel Cards and channelings, and the Abraham teachings channeled through Esther Hicks, both attest to the eternal presence of the states of consciousness we seek and are able to attain now thru the Law of Attraction. This new moon in Pisces and the Sun's conjunction with Uranus in Pisces provide us with a powerful opportunity to activate through attraction that which we seek to manifest for ourselves and for this planet. The Law of Attraction, together with the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing, describe the process, in very simplistic terms of the Causal/Thought Body informing the Astral/ Emotional Body, which then fuel the Physical body to Manifest in this dimension. As Esther Hicks describes, "That which I give thought to, I begin to attract, that which I give thought to with emotion, I attract more quickly, and once I've launched it powerfully by giving thought with Emotion, then as I expect that which I have thought about, I receive it." The Global Consciousness Project and the work of Greg Braden around collective thought-experiments and massive meditations have shown incredible results for changing the physical world through the power of Focused Thought fueled by Intense Emotion. Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM, has also found possible life-saving results with a radio thought experiment in which he asked his audience to redirect a hurricane headed straight for a southeastern US coastline. Within hours, the storm had decreased in intensity and completely veered off the coastline without any damage occurring.

Even our physical laws, through quantum mechanics, perfectly describe the reality of the Causal-Astral-Physical Body continuum and its subsequent Laws of Synchronicity and Attraction. Quantum reality was actually first discovered the last time Uranus moved through Pisces, in the 1920's, but it's popularization in mass consciousness has occurred through this cycle of Uranus in Pisces, through movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep do We Know? In addition, the Hawthorne effect, also discovered during Uranus last transit thru Pisces, revealed that subjects tend to have a positive effect during an experiment when they know they are being studied. If we know we are being watched by our wisdom-self, our inner being, our guides, or our angels, our behavior naturally shifts into the exercise of the Bodhisattva vow, with its primary motivation to cultivate bodhicitta for the liberation of all sentient beings. As the Great Mother Sri Karunamayi stated, practicing mantra out-loud during kirtan is of great benefit, but chanting mantra, silently, during our normal daily routines is of far greater benefit.

In the Bhagavadgita, Krishna states,"Supreme bliss comes to the yogi with a tranquil mind, with his passions subdued, with the mind absorbed in God, the yogi is free from any stain." Truly, with divine pride, with our meditations upon the divine bliss-field mandala of the Eternal Now, anything and everything becomes possible, for all is present and needs simply to be attracted. This is the ultimate Uranian freedom injected with the Light of our Solar Logos this coming week, with all the dreamseed potential of the New Moon.

I leave you with the 8 Faces of Nirvana as a conceptual meditation and a passage from Jesus in The Dialogue of the Saviour:

Peace, Bliss, Permanence, No Death, No Growing Old, Unperturbedness, Purity, Transcendence.

"It is the Mind that illuminates the body, so that when all things are in order within yourself, you will become luminous."



Image by Venom82, used courtesy of a Creative Commons license.