The California government committed what many feel amounts to an alarming act of state-sponsored terrorism against the health food store Rawesome Foods in Venice.

The preface for the act seems to be that the store sells raw milk, which is illegal in California. However, the warrant granted an aggressive laundry list of privacy and property violations and destruction.  The reaction seems more in line with dealing with suspected hard narcotics dealers, not a raw milk-selling health food store.

The warrant gave permission to “search all rooms, attics, refrigerators, freezers… purses, wallets, briefcases and vehicles of both James Stewart (Rawesome Foods) and Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms).

Furthermore, the warrant gave permission to seize:

    all computer files: data, audio, and video; evidence of “interstate transportation” (opening the door for federal felonies),
    all membership agreements of their current customers (which would open the door for scare tactics and attempts at implicating the food store owners),
    all documents concerning the Right to Choose Healthy Foods organization, an advocacy group for food freedom at,
    all tax records (in hopes of finding some tax error and charging with felony tax fraud),
    all real estate transactions, billing records, purchasing records and club records,
    all emails, receipts, cash register data, credit cards receipts, inventory records,
    all computers and electronic devices (government agents stole both Dell and Apple computers from Rawesome),
    all address books, client address lists, telephone numbers and contacts.

While the warrant gave permission to take “samples” of any food product present for lab analysis, in reality, the agents poured all the milk down the drain and packed up all the vegetables, fruits, cheese and eggs into a truck and drove away, leaving Rawesome Foods totally empty.

They stole over $4,500 in cash belonging to owner James Stewart. He is now facing $123,000 in bail. If you can, please donate to the Rawesome Foods legal defense fund. Donations are being collected through and 100% of all donations are being sent straight to Rawesome.

The signatures on the warrant were all illegible except for Michelle LeCavalier, who is looking for more information about.

This out-of-control government act comes in the wake of the passage of FSMA, which made every food and dietary supplement company operating in the US subject to FDA regulations and licensing, as well as the implementation of new and expensive FDA regulations (current Good Manufacturing Practice or cGMP regulations) aimed at ridding the market of herbal supplements and leaving only FDA-approved drugs. Take action by checking out Alliance for Natural Health ( and joining the protest groups.