The Future NOW

Arlington Institute is charting what's now and next in the current issue of their FUTUREditions e-newsletter.  Highlights include: false memory implants, UFO sightings on the rise, heating up the debate on global warming, and a look at Chernobyl now.


  • Shining light on global warming: accordingly, the earth is not getting hotter (Yahoo)
  • … but it could… (Huff Post)
  • The Inuit observe changes in the sun's positioning and predict a tilting axis (YouTube)
  • See Chernobyl NOW (BBC Nature)
  • ASCII code crops up in circles (Earthfiles)
  • Advertisements become you: artificial memories for sale (WIRED)
  • UFO sightings sky high in July (Examiner and The Telegraph)
  • Sniffing out disease: scientists developing new tech that can identify diseases by analyzing your breath (NY Times)
  • Dolphins have uncanny ability to heal themselves (Press TV)
  • Going to the hospital can be more dangerous than flying (Reuters)
  • Texting is ubiquitous (Wall Street Journal)