In a promotional viral video blog for Sony Pictures' new fictional film about 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, Woody Harrelson plays the character Charlie Frost, giving dire prognostications about our impending doom. In these parody videos hosted at, Harrelson presents some of the ideas around 2012 in a distinctly “crackpot” and satirical style, with the punchline being the idea that everyone will die in 2012 so we better live it up while there’s still time.

In typical Hollywood fashion, there isn't much substantive engagement with the speculative ideas and theories around 2012, just a media-bite regurgitation of 2012 as a meme of death and destruction. If you've seen Emmerich's previous films Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, you can probably imagine what this 2012 movie is going to be like. When considering all the hype around big explosions, tidal waves, environmental catastrophes, and global disaster scenarios, it seems that the movie industry (and corporate media in general) is suffering from a fundamental lack of imagination.

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Tristan Gulliford is a writer, dreamer, and aspiring myth-keeper who makes electronic music under the name "Dreamcode". He is currently attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.