According to renowned sound healer Tom Kenyon, who purports to communicate with a group of intergalactic, interdimensional beings related to ancient Egyptians known as The Hathors, we "are about to enter into a highly volatile period, full of extraordinary potential, yet fraught with hazards."  The focus of this most recent transmission, the Holon of Ascension, is about the planetary and personal effects of a widening breach in the Earth's magnetosphere.  This enables massive amounts of solar plasma to enter the atmosphere that "will increase magnetic storms, disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions in bio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), and climate change. The results of this breach and the increased charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next several years."  NASA corroborrated this finding in December 2008 via the Themis Project.

The transmission continues: "Your subtle energy body, which was known as the KA by ancient Egyptians and called the etheric body by Yogis, is highly sensitive to, and affected by, solar plasma. An increase in the flow and quality of solar streams increases the vibratory rate of the KA body. This is a very beneficial and auspicious opportunity for those who are consciously participating in their ascension process…By ascension we simply mean a movement upward in consciousness. You do not 'go' anywhere…But your perspective, your perception, is radically altered. You begin to see through the maya, or the illusion of this world, which is created through the dance of subatomic particles and into a configuration of what you call matter."

"One could say that you are at a crossroads. As the solar streams enter into your magnetosphere, the KA bodies of all humans will increase in vibration. But for some, this will lead to disturbances and dissolution, while for others it will lead to ascension — a movement upward in consciousness…For those of you who accept, or at least are beginning to see through the lies of limitation that have been imposed upon you and have made a choice to move upward into the ascension process, this activation of the KA body is a beautiful, exquisite miracle to behold, for your life will be graced with the power to transcend your own limitations in ways that have not been available to you before…But for those who do not choose to live upward in consciousness — who choose to remain imprisoned by the limitations, who seek to blame others for their misfortune…for those who insist upon living the old world of conflict–this increased vibration of their KA body will not be a blessing; it will be experienced as a curse because they will have to work very hard to keep things the way they are."

The remainder of the transmission goes on to say that we are all at a critical point, that we have the "response-ability" to make a conscious choice one way or another, because no matter what we choose we will be affected by these planetary-cosmic forces, and it seems, according to Tom Kenyon and his channeled entities, it is in our best interest to align our subtle energies to these shifts.  To this end, the Holon of Ascension elucidates a meditation technique that allows the meditator to engage their subtle energy bodies in such a way as to cultivate alignment, and, as these forces increase in intensity, ascension.  A full description of the method can be found here, as well as an archive of previous Hathor transmissions and corresponding Kenyon inspired meditation techniques.


Image "Inside the Mothership" courtesy of Creative Commons Liscensing by lyle58 on Flickr.

Image "Intergalactic Trip" courtesy of Creative Commons Liscensing by SantaRosa Old Skool on Flickr.