In the wake of the Kellogg's Company dumping Michael Phelps’s endorsement deal after his near arrest for marijuana use, drug-law reformers are asking, “If 14 gold medals aren’t enough to prove that marijuana users can achieve success and shouldn't be scrutinized, what will it take to break the stigma?”

The Drug Policy Alliance Network is fighting the discrimination against Phelps’s with a petition to Kellogg’s. The company's reasoning to end the contract was that Phelps’s behavior was inconsistent with their image, but apparently Kellogg's had no qualms about his DUI in 2004.

“The situation reeks of hypocrisy,” the petition states. “More than one hundred million Americans have smoked marijuana at least once in their lives (including the president, former presidents, members of Congress and justices on the Supreme Court). Smoking marijuana is not unusual behavior and you shouldn't hold Phelps to a higher standard.”

Sign the petition here if you'd like.

Image "The ONDCP's New Poster" by Caveman_92223 on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons