With thousands of protesters opposing a global economic system that
creates vast inequity and consumes natural resources at an exponentially
unsustainable rate, What Comes After Money? challenges society to go beyond current financial paradigms in order to create the better, more equitable world we dream of.

This anthology of articles from Reality Sandwich, edited by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan and just released by EVOLVER EDITIONS/North Atlantic Books, offers a wealth of alternatives to the current monetary system. In the book, twenty-six visionary thinkers explore the roots of the modern economic crisis and propose diverse solutions: instituting local and complementary currencies; creating reputation or gift economies (based on historical and contemporary examples); introducing spirituality into the equation; and many more. 

“[What Comes After Money? is] an important collection of essays
that point the way out of our economic morass, and into creative new
relationships with money and with each other.” —New Consciousness Review

Join us at the book release party on Friday, October 28, in NYC. The evening features: Jivamukti co-founder and The Art of Yoga co-author Sharon Gannon; Reality Sandwich editorial director and 2012 author Daniel Pinchbeck; Day 1 Wall Street occupier and NYC General Assembly blogger Kelly Heresy; and Reality Sandwich publisher and digital pioneer Ken Jordan. They will kick off the book’s release with readings and a discussion about this critical topic of our times, followed by a book signing.  

Friday, Oct. 28, 8:00pm
Jivamukti Yoga School
841 Broadway , 2nd floor, NYC
Free (You can purchase the book at the signing).