Saturday's global rally in over 600 towns
and cities worldwide was a momentous event. A month ago, the Occupy
Wall Street movement managed to pierce the veil of the matrix. The
puncture has now become an unsealable rip in the fabric of Empire. Gas
is escaping rapidly from the balloon.

We are seeing the inception of a global insurrection that will not
end until the dominant system is overthrown and replaced through a
planetary metamorphosis. The mainstream media continues to play down the
Occupy phenomenon, critiquing its lack of specific demands. Specific
demands are pointless, because the entire political, social, and
economic system in which we exist has rotted out from the inside.
Demands would suggest that there is a way to reform the present system,
but no reformist initiative is possible.

As someone who wrote about the prophecies of indigenous cultures such
as the Maya and the Hopi, I believe the time we are in is one of
constantly accelerating transformation. The process
we are undergoing as a collective organism leads to an evolutionary
leap of consciousness on a species level. This mutation happens within
the next few years — it is already happening now.

As part of this process, we will develop an integral worldview, a holistic perspective that realizes the value
of indigenous and traditional knowledge systems without rejecting the
scientific and technical developments of modern times. The Occupy
movement has erupted as a planetary outcry against economic and social
injustice. The consciousness movement has to discover its voice as a
part of this movement. The revolution will be spiritual in essence — or
it is doomed to repeat the horrific mistakes of the past, and fail.

As of yet, we lack the language to express the new world that
supersedes the old one, even though we feel it in our hearts. The new
paradigm that is opening before us demands that we take care of the
human family as a whole, redistributing wealth and resources equitably.
At the same time, we must cease our destructive assault on the planetary
ecology, and engage in a deep practice of environmental restoration.
Since the current economic system makes this impossible, we must
develop, design, and distribute a new system for exchanging value. The
technical genius of humanity needs to be redirected from creating
state-of-the-art video games and stock trading
programs to strengthening natural resilience, building self-sufficient
local communities that grow their own food, and launching social
technologies that support collaborative decision-making and nonviolent

The path before us requires voluntary renunciation and voluntary
simplicity to reduce our burden on the earth. Therefore, the old
paradigm that sees accumulation of wealth and immediate material
satisfaction as the goal needs to be rejected collectively. We are going
to step into a new realization of our purpose — of the meaning of human
life, in itself. We are going to remember, and relearn, what every
ancient civilization and traditional culture tells us: that our lives
have a spiritual meaning, above all. Existence in this world is an
initiatory process to prepare us for the transition to other conditions
of being, other worlds or bardo realms beyond this one.

The duality of spirit and matter also needs to be overcome. Indigenous people
do not recognize this dualism — they do not imagine spirit to be above
or outside of this realm, but within it. Instead of a sky religion,
their spiritual practices are rooted in sensuous connectivity with the
earth. In a sense, indigenous cultures are much more truly materialist
than our society, as they see the essential value of the natural world
as an expression of the Creator, and do not try to impose abstract
systems on to it.

Our civilization has been ruled by a mindset that sees life as a
means rather than an end. In the past, guilt and postponement were
inscribed in a religious creed that put off redemption to some distant
future. Recently, science replaced religion with a fundamentalist vision
of technological progress, leading to a time when humans merge with
silicon or create artificial intelligences that succeed us. This is also
a delusion that keeps us alienated from the living present.

We don't know what it will be like to live in a society where life is
realized as the ends in itself — where we seek to benefit the
collective by nurturing and supporting each individual. We can only
anticipate that it will be wonderful to find out.

The consciousness movement has the sacred task of integrating our
understanding of spirit and Psyche into the rapidly unfolding movement
for planetary justice and social regeneration. This global movement is
part of an initiatory process for humanity as a whole that will bring
about a transformation of both the individual and collective
ego-structure. The goal is not the destruction of the ego but the
attainment of an ego-free state — liberation from the tyrannical demands
of the ego, which can never be satiated. Similarly, we don't want to
see the smashing of current institutions, but their alchemical
transmutation, so they support our human community and safeguard the
resources of the natural world. Humanity, as a whole, is rapidly losing
our appetite for violence and destruction. We are increasingly sick of
the negative patterns of the past, and ready to overcome the inertia.

As part of this process, it would be great to refine messages that
express the integrative state of consciousness in social and political
terms, and use the viral power of social media to disseminate them.
Among the literature being distributed at rallies and occupation zones, a
set of documents could explain the value of non-ordinary states of
consciousness, initiatory experience, and shamanic practices. It would
also be great if holistic healers, yoga instructors, practitioners of a
vast array of alternative spiritual technologies, visit the Occupy
encampments and offer their services, free of charge, along with other
forms of advice and instruction. I am sure this is already happening to
some degree – it is increasingly a quality of this time that events
proceed faster than my ability to articulate or respond to them. While
that is humbling for a writer, it is beautifully satisfying for anyone
who has awaited and anticipated, so impatiently and for so long, the
metamorphosis that is now underway.