The Future NOW

Arlington Institute charts what's now and next in their FUTUREditions e-newsletter.  This week's future-cast includes alien sightings, high-tech military research that changes the game, futuristic island-cities, global warming in the hot seat, corporations rule the world, diamond planets, and insect diets as the potential savior of world hunger.

  • As if you didn't already know!  America's power and influence are dwindling (the Atlantic)
  • Julian Assange speaks (part 1 and part 2)
  • The passing of a new bill would require ISP's to log and retain nearly EVERY internet act undertaken by their customers for a year — storing names, addresses, purchases, credit card information, bank account information… seemingly, everything… (cNET news)
  • US Army funds research into "thought helmets" — a new technology that makes mind-reading functional and "battlefield ready" by actualizing "synthetic telepathy" (Discover magazine)
  • These guys made a telecommunication and WiFi snooping drone for about $6,000 (Wired)
  • And these guys make a break-through in off-grid power technology that creates potable water from polluted water while generating electricity… all at an affordable cost to you! (Off-Grid)
  • Not one, but many: we live in a multiverse (Live Science)
  • The moon is off-kilter, it's orbit erratic, and people are starting to take notice (Enviromonitor)
  • This shit's gotta go: human excrement linked to decline in Caribbean coral (Science)
  • The Sun is responsible (not us) for Earth's climate (The Telegraph)
  • The Feds don't like global warming either; they debunk and suspend a leading researcher whose work blamed polar bear deaths on human initiated global warming (Human Events)
  • The future island-cities NOW (Dornob)
  • Eating insects may be the dietary solution for you… and everybody else (France 24)
  • We spend all our money on fighting a terrorist threat that doesn't exist (Salon)
  • Shine on you crazy diamond planet in the sky (Washington Post)
  • Aliens among us (CNN and Daily Mail)
  • Here's another startling revelation: a study reveals that powerful corporations control all the money!!! (Physorg)