Here are reminder links to some of the great podcasters out there, plus a few new finds. 

I've included some Twitter links too, which I'm finding is a great way to be alerted to new podcasts.

:: All Psychedelic Salon Podcasts :: iTunes

:: (great tweets.)

Recently:  Terence McKenna, LoZo reading from his new book "The Genesis Generation", Bruce Damer…


:: The C-Realm Podcast :: iTunes

:: Blog:

Recently: Albert K. Bates, Paul Gude, Douglas Rushkoff, Danny Paradise…


:: Treehugger Radio Podcasts :: iTunes

::  twitter: @TH_RSS (headlines), @TreeHugger (writers), @PlanetGreen(Planet Green)

Recently: Zip Cars, RFK, EV, Giant Kites…


:: Psychonautica Podcasts

Recently: Christian Rätsch, Ralph Metzner, Jan Irvin…

:: Future Primitive Podcasts :: on iTunes

Recently: Charles Eisenstein, Lars Schmidt, Dr. Edward Tick, Douglas Rushkoff…


 :: Entheogenic Evolution Podcasts :: iTunes

Recently: James Oroc, Rak Razam, Robert Forte…


:: BLiTA Podcasts ::  Show Notes Blog

Recently: Bonnaroo!…
(Sancho: kudos on the logistics and other support you provide the C-Realm.)


:: Gnostic Media Podcasts

Recently: Eddie Lepp, Hal Lucius Nation, Benny Shanon…


:: Occult of Personality Podcasts

Recently: Dr. Paul Clark, Aepril Schaile, Andrieh Vitimus…


:: Shamanic Freedom Radio


Recently: David Icke, Ian Crane, Graham Hancock…

::  Rock Om


Recently: Mark Karan and Ali Akbar Khan, Danielle Howle, Shimshai, Karl Nova…

::  Conscious Living Radio :: iTunes

Recently: Yogacharini Maitreyi, Satyen Raja & Stuart Wilde,  Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi, Brock Tully…


::  Rushkoff: The Media Squat  :: ::

Recently: Ken Jordan (great conversation), Jody Radzik,  Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Harvey Pekar…

::  Changesurfer Radio  ::

Recently: David Koepsell, Jonathan Moreno, Douglas Rushkoff, Barbara Oakley…

:: Shrink Rap Radio


Recently: Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster, Matt Atkinson, John Valentino…

:: Sitting Now Podcast

:: Elon Musk on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

:: iTunes


:: Global Public Media (Looks like a good meta-filter of podcasts.)

:: Traydio (Also looks like a good filter.)

:: Shift in Action (audio highlight clips) – Institute of Noetic Science :: 

:: Disinformation Podcast ::

Recently: Gary Lachman, Bill Ayers, Rob Spence…

:: Yoga Peeps Podcast

:: iTunes ::

Recently: AK Kennedy, Jaimal Yogis, James Bailey

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