Solstice Dawn


The Solstice is still ahead of us - 
It will be at 12:30 tomorrow morning... 
just a couple hours from now. 
Today was the longest day, the darkest time. 
Tomorrow's dawn will mark the turning point. 
A moment when things start to change. 
The light starts to return. 
At the moment of Solstice, 
the Sun is near Pluto in our sky. 
Heading for Venus. 
Passing through the Serpens Cauda - 
the Serpent's tail. 
May the dawn be a blessing for you. 
May you find the turning point in your heart. 
Prayers and gratitude for our friendship. 

Peace & love, Gwen. 

Tepetate  p. 175


We are honored

as those who were born

in the heart of Tepetate

We are the chosen ones

who saw the beginning

of the dawn.


Dabadi Thaayrohyadi