Like him or not, the divisive David Icke nailed it when he said that the “great transformation” is about “freeing ourselves of the perceptions, rules, regulations and ‘norms’ of the passing energetic era and connecting with the new one.” It seems like everywhere we look this past year we’re seeing evidence of this transformation in events like the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, hundreds of protesters marching from New York City to Washington D.C. to rally against genetically modified foods, and in the number of Evolver Spores and other community-oriented groups sharing important films (like Thrive, DMT The Spirit Molecule, Forks Over Knives), supporting new paradigms in festival culture, alternative economy gift circles, skill shares and crowdfunding initiatives that are spreading across the globe as people open and embrace new ways of connecting, new ways of living.

‘Norms’ have ceased to serve even mainstream marketing efforts as illuminated in Seth Godin’s newest book, We Are All Weird, where he says that the greatest battle of our time is probably not what you think (Race Wars, Class Wars, Sex Wars, Information Wars), but rather, between “the status quo of mass and the never-ceasing tide of weird.” And standing in formal black dress under a blazing sun in the middle of the Teotihuacan Pyramids just outside of Mexico City, you could say we felt a little weird, but also, quite perfectly at home in our strangeness as bridge builders and story tellers representing the New Indigenous Tribe.

Traveling from Los Angeles via a (seriously life-changing) nine-day Reality Sandwich retreat in Colombia, we heeded the call of a Shoshone elder named Blue Thunder who asked all nations to meet at Teotihuacan for three days of Medicine Wheel ceremonies where the age of the Fifth Sun ended promptly on the winter solstice (December 22, 2011).

According to legend, the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico in the fourteenth century, where many other tribal groups lived. These tribes believed there were four Suns — or World Ages — that preceded our time. (The first was destroyed by jaguars, the second by wind, the third by fire, and the fourth by flooding.) The present age of the Fifth Sun, which corresponds to completion of one full zodiac cycle, is prophesied to end by “movement” (earthquakes?) in 2012. And worth noting, the timing of these prophecies coincides with the start of the Mayan long count calendar’s ‘birth of Venus’ (its exact meaning is uncertain).

The Aztec discovery of Teotihuacan, which some accredit to be Toltec in origin, revealed the world’s third largest pyramid (The Pyramid of the Sun) where, as the story goes, two gods sacrificed themselves to bring light to the world after the destruction of the Fourth World and ushered in the present age of the Fifth Sun, subsequently concluding Plato’s ‘Great Year.’

This prophesied time is of great significance in many indigenous traditions as varying as the Hopi, Lakota, Mayan, and Shoshone and calls for all people of the world to assist in a don’t-look-back massive global transformation. Just before Mexico, we spent a week with the Arahuaco and Kogi — pre-Colombian tribes who believe that we, the “younger brother” are responsible for the great imbalances in the Colombian forests, and the world over. They’ve left their secluded lives to come and meet with us to share wisdom and teachings about how to care for earth so that we may stop — and even reverse — the damage of our ignorant ways. They believe that we are ready and capable of making great changes for our planet at this most critical time.

Blue Thunder’s Shoshone call was to the Rainbow Tribe — warriors of all nations — coming together to create ceremony at Teotihuacan and other spots throughout Mexico that correspond with a crop circle that appeared on July 22, 2011 in East Kennett, England. And as Blue Thunder stated in his call to all nations, “These ceremonies will re-harmonize Grandmother Spider’s Web of Life, the electromagnetic gridlines known as ley lines or the Flower of Life symbol of our planet.”

The function of a Medicine Wheel ceremony is to ensure that the environment is finely tuned for the multidimensional shifts already underway. The instructions on what needs to be healed come from information received in meditating during the ceremonies and from observing and participating in the unfolding realities of the symbols, synchronicities, prophecies and realities of the indigenous of the Americas, the White Buffalo, the Rainbow Warrior and the Eagle and Condor prophecies, to name a few. 

It is understood by the indigenous leaders who called for these ceremonies, that the earth is leaking energy from all the minerals, flora, fauna, precious stones and metals humankind has (and continues to) extract from the earth, and there are many signs and symbols that reflect the effectiveness of work like this. According to Blue Thunder, “[W]e can and will re-tune our planet’s vibration to be in harmony with higher incoming energies as we move through the great shifts taking place this year and beyond.”

It’s a resonant message for many of us: The world needs healing. We need healing. (Be it our bodies, memories, self-image, attention spans or connection to source.) Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, who among us hasn’t felt some kind of call to heal the planet or ourselves?

Here in Los Angeles, where we’ve hosted Evolver events for nearly three years, we’ve seen themes trend, and always at the top of the list is the work of medicine, of healing and truth, and like our Colombian shaman told us many times in the week prior to the Teotihuacan ceremony: Of making payments to the Mother Earth and effectively reestablishing the long lost connection between cultured man and the natural world’s primordial law of reciprocity.

According to Blue Thunder, Medicine Wheel ceremonies like the one in Teotihuacan have reversed drought conditions in Georgia and California and suppressed a volcanic lava dome burst in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as well as healed thousands of individuals participating in the ceremonies. What can a medicine wheel ceremony at the site of the great Aztec pyramids bring as we enter a new age?

By healing the earth through ceremony, says Blue Thunder, we not only make necessary reparations, but we bring validity to ceremonial and energy work. Even Dr. Oz has said the next big frontier in medicine is going to be energetic healing. And what works for the planet, can work for us as well, after all, we are electromagnetic beings experiencing the world subjectively via electrochemical stimuli and light information received through our nervous systems, and it would make sense that the most powerful healing tools be energetic in nature. Energy healing raises our frequencies and aligns the various bodies (visible and invisible) for total holistic health. Patterns found in nature (on the surface of plants, animals and ecosystems) create an integral energy force that affects the whole system. In this case of world healing, the patterns-be they medicine wheels or other expressions of kindness, heart work and community-adapt to integrate information to the whole planet and humanity. (Take for example the effective power of group meditation, or patterns emerging in random number generators corresponding with global events.)

In Joel Davis’ book Journey to the Center of Our Galaxy, we learn that we are 26,000 light years from the galactic center, which means that the light or energy reaching us now began its journey toward us during the last era conjunction between the December solstice sun and the ‘roundabout’ galactic center in 24,000 B.C.E. Now, as this cycle comes to a close on December 21, 2012 under the galactic starlight of 24,000 years ago, we all have the opportunity to do a clearing of thoughts, memories, words, actions, processes and energies that no longer serve us, humanity or the planet.

You needn’t believe in prophecies or align around medicine wheels to do this. Science and common sense allude to the utility of simply opening your heart and wielding your attention to apologizing and forgiving yourself and modern civilization for neglecting the sacred and the whole during humanity’s impressive growth cycle that has led up to what may also be its inevitably epic collapse.

One thing all of us can begin to do now is ask Mother Earth for guidance, in whatever way serves our connection to Her. Discover what She needs help with, and then pray for it, meditate on it, retell the story of humanity by imagining a deus ex machina for every unthinkable hurdle we’ve faced; make art about it, share it, or keep it as a personal connection between your heart and the earth, and ask Her to pray for us and all sentient and non-sentient beings. Will this help solve the world’s myriad problems with hunger, homelessness, apathy and illness that cause so much ceaseless disconnection? Maybe. But regardless, it is something we can all do, right now, for free, and feel good about.

From Los Angeles, everywhere and nowhere, we bid us all a Happy New Everything, Every Day, Every Moment.

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Image courtesy of Nasa Goddard Photo and Video.