Six people at Global Revolution TV were arrested last week as the team was evicted from their headquarters in Brooklyn. The Global Revolution team has covered Occupy Wall Street through live streaming since Day 1. Global Revolution is directly responsible for bringing local as well as national and international attention, and participation, to the Occupy movement. At its outset, they operated under a tarp in the centerof Zuccotti Park, but as gears shifted through the fall and winter, Global Revolution’s base has been forced to relocate several times. On January 2nd, an eviction notice was posted on the door of the latest headquarters at 13 Thames Street in Bushwick, stating that the space is “imminently perilous to life” and that “violators of the commissioner’s Vacate Order are subject to arrest”. Interestingly, no one else in the building was evicted despite these dubious and vague claims about imminent health hazards at this address. ??

Among the six arrested that night was Vlad Teichberg, a former Wall Street trader who gave up his pursuit of profit for the pursuit of social justice.  The charges were:  Trespass, Obstructing Governmental Administration and Resisting Arrest. All six were released on the night of January 4th. ??

"Occupy Wall Street at Zuccoti Park"  by VideoPhotolic on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.