The theatrical trailer was released for Wanderlust, a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. Rudd and Aniston play George and Linda, over-burdened New Yorkers who are forced to leave the city and their fast-paced lives when George suddenly loses his job. After hitting the road the couple plans to stop at a bed and breakfast, but they find themselves stuck in a hippie commune with a lifestyle well outside their comfort zone.

After exchanges with nudists, polyamorous advances, guitar playing, yoga, and goat milking, George and Linda participate in an ayahuasca ceremony which, in the trailer, flashes to Jennifer Aniston precariously perched from a tree branch and shouting confidently about her ability to fly. The trailer implies that the "intentional community" helps George and Linda loosen up and appreciate life on deeper levels, but the audience is left without an indication of where they'll end up by the story's end.

Will the stereotypical psychedelic meme have any effect on the public's view of ayahuasca, and will the mention of ayahuasca catalyze further introductions to the spirit vine?

"Wanderlust" was directed by David Wain and will hit theaters February 24, 2012.

Watch the trailer here: