With the mainstream excesses of Valentine’s Day 2012 approaching, Craftivists are cleverly fusing their love for hand-crafting goods with their compassion for those suffering in the world. Sarah Corbett’s London-based Craftivist Collective is a hub of international creativity, inspiring the transformation of a purely practical or leisurely activity into a seriously playful form of activist creation.

Michelle Riggen-Ranson of PopTech.org shares her excitement for the growing movement:

"Projects have ranged from making and handing out hand-stitched handkerchiefs with the message “Don’t blow it” to local politicians, to hacking Barbie dolls to promote awareness for maternal health issues

"A current project underway is “Alternative Valentine’s Day” cards. The cheery red envelopes are tucked enticingly into various cracks and crevices to be discovered by passers-by. When opened, the card contains a little handmade gift and letter gently requesting that people think about those who are suffereing in the world."

How do you plan to express your love on St. Valentine’s Day? Perhaps a little Craftivism will spice up your personal and global romance.


Image: from Craftivist Collective