Since it’s 2010 premiere, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and its Director, Mitch Schultz, have inspired countless individuals, from all corners of the globe. Those inspired have  formed a community of artists, filmmakers, musicians, thinkers, travelers, and many other agents working towards an elevated consciousness through progressive change, shared experiences and a universal desire for positive, progressive paradigm shift.

The foundation for the RMX Project consists of the extensive media library from the production of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, including: 100+ hours of interviews, VFX, original music and audio files, and 30+ hours of footage shot on-location in the Peruvian Amazon. This library, and all content contributed to the RMX project is available to the world via Creative Commons licensing across an integrated network and across all media platforms – enabling the global community to examine, remix, share, collaborate and learn collectively and with the sole purpose of fostering the ideology of universal information sharing the relevant benefits of an evolving dialogue and transmedia content.

Join Evolver Austin for Codex: DMT RMX Experience @ SXSW. Panel speakers include Erik Davis, Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, Mitch Schultz and a special appearance by SWARM. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with the DMT RMX material and remix it at interactive stations set up throughout the event space. Music Performances by Nadis Warriors, Birds of Paradise, Sorne, Skytree, Something Fiction, Michael Garfield, Wave Farmers and Tina Rodriguez. Live performances by Eva Stragelove Burlesque, Rovo, Agent Red, Chelsea Laumen, ARThesim, Amanda Terese and visuals by Datagrama. 

Celebrate and connect with integrated live visual art, music and performance into the night! |