Isis Aquarian -- On the High Road With Father Yod


Introduction by Caroline Ryder

On March 11, a documentary about the Source Family, one of the most compelling hippie communities to emerge from 1970s Los Angeles, will premiere as part of SXSW's documentary competition. The film is one of only eight accepted submissions from more than 800, and represents the culmination of years of work by filmmakers Jodi Wille and Maria Demopoulos. Working alongside them was Isis Aquarian, former Source Family member, and co-author of the 2007 book, The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wha 13, and The Source Family. Diminutive in stature but formidable in presence, Isis is a feisty 70-year-old who embraces her "cronehood" while counting among her friends an eclectic cross section of decidedly young writers, artists, fashion designers, graffiti writers, musicians and spiritual seekers, all of them drawn to the Source and its revolutionary prescription for New Age living.

Isis was right-hand woman to the Source's leader, a charismatic visionary named Father Yod, or "Ya Ho Wha". She remains as devoted to him today as when she first fell in love with him in the 1970s when, driven by instinct alone, she gave up her life as the wife of a celebrated rock photographer and became part of the Source Family experiment. She took on an Aquarian name, and earned herself the nickname Dragon Lady among her new brothers and sisters, thanks to her somewhat aggressive compulsion to serve and protect her leader.  

Father Yod (or simply "Father") was a former stuntman and Jujutsu expert who underwent his spiritual initiation under Yogi Bhajan. He gave up his earth name Jim Baker and assumed a new identity, that of spiritual teacher. Like so many of LA's gurus, Father Yod had a natural affinity for the rock 'n roll lifestyle -- during the Source Family's heyday, Yod had 14 "spiritual wives", a Rolls Royce, and a psych rock band called Ya Ho Wha 13, which he fronted. That, combined with his advanced knowledge of Qabbalah, yoga, Tantra, Western esotericism and eastern mysticism, drew nearly 140 disciples to him, his spiritual sons and daughters who lived and learned with him in a chateau-style mansion in Laurel Canyon. There, they adhered to a strictly vegetarian lifestyle, embracing Father Yod's experimental vision for healthy, communal Aquarian living.

The Family remained in Hollywood until tragic circumstances (and the increasingly aggressive attentions of the local authorities) resulted in the entire family moving to Hawaii. Father Yod's death in a freak hang-gliding accident in August 1975 deprived the Family of its uniquely powerful patriarch, and their collective dream of a self-sustaining Aquarian community based in "dome" villages slowly dissolved. The family disintegrated and might have faded from memory were it not for 2009's book, which sparked a contemporary resurgence of interest in Father Yod, and saw the emergence of a small but enthusiastic new band of Aquarians, enamored with the Source Family and its beautiful, colorfully-garbed utopians.

In this interview Isis Aquarian talks to writer and comedienne Elissa Hawke about her journey to Ya Ho Wha, and why Father Yod remains as intriguing a figure today as he was 40 years ago.

The Source screens at SXSW on SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2012 1:15PM - 3:00PM at the Vimeo Theater; TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2012, 11:00AM -12:45PM at the Alamo Lamar C, and FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012, 6:45PM - 8:30PM at the Alamo Lamar B.


Elissa Hawke: Isis, for something that happened around forty years ago, how has it impacted your life?

Isis: Well it never left my life so it's still an ongoing very active thread...with most of us. Everybody has got a different view, a different reality, because everyone had a different relationship with Father, and they did after the Family, all processing it in a different way. I knew Jim Baker before he started The Source. I was the only one in The Family that

knew him before he started The Source restaurant.

He had three restaurants, 'The Aware Inn', 'The Old World' and then, 'The Source'. I befriended him and his wife at the time, Dora. I liked Jim Baker, but I knew that was not our time, that was not our connection, and I ended up going on and becoming engaged to a rock photographer, Ron Raffaelli.

I had lost touch with Jim for maybe a year and a half. We were shooting a Jesus Christ Superstar poster, and he (Raffaelli) said "I need a lot of Jesuses".  I said "I know where we can go, my friend Jim Baker just opened up 'The Source' and I hear they're all wearing robes and long hair." So I went down to get some models for the poster.

I hadn't seen Jim Baker in a long time. In the meantime he had started his spiritual crossover with Yogi Bhajan and became a very devout student of the yogis.  He had gone to India with Yogi Bhajan and eventually left that Eastern vibration to form his own Communal Family and merge it more with a Western energy,  so when I re-saw him at The Source (restaurant), I mean, he looked like Moses...he was no longer Jim Baker.  I remember thinking... 'Oh my God I'm home. This is my time. This is what I have been waiting for.'

I had tried to connect with something, spiritually. Buddhism, the yogis, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, just something, somebody to give me something...and about the closest I came to anything was Manly P. Hall's book, The Secret Teachings Of All Ages.

My dad was a Colonel in the Air Force. When I left home I went to Washington D.C and ended up working in the White House, as an aide under Johnson. So right away I had a very high-class social life. In D.C. I came to a point where I knew I did not want to marry a Senator, so I went to New York and met Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali. I just really hit that whole social scene.

Then I started hearing about something called 'the flower child', 'the hippies' out in L.A. This guy I was with had a cousin that kept coming in with her little blond hair, and her little sundress, and perky smile and I was going 'wait a minute... there's something happening in L.A, and I wanna go see what it is.'


So you turned your back on a well-paid job in the White House to join the Source?

It had taken me as far as it could take me, and I knew it was done so I moved on. I was on a journey. On my vision quest although I didn't know it. I was highly-protected apparently, by my guides, because I could have fallen into anything, so easily, and stayed there. Something just kept happening to move me on.

From childhood I can remember thinking very differently and seeing things differently -- experiencing a certain amount of the paranormal, without it being too over-the-top, or too invasive. Just enough to let me know it was there but it never became part of my life.  You have to be well prepared to handle something like that. My Dad was an alcoholic, he was in the Service.


Did this develop your sensitivity, coming from that generation of war-wounded men?



Were you constantly on edge, waiting for that next scary unfolding of an alcoholic? 

It gives one street smarts as they call it. That's when I decided never to be a victim and became a very fearless person. Then at sixteen I had something of a near death experience. It wasn't a complete, you know, 'go-through-the-tunnel-see-the-light' type of thing, but, my car ran off into a ditch, as I had fallen asleep, and as I woke up there was a man in the seat next to me. All of a sudden my car was back on the road and he just looked at me, and then he left. I always remembered him, I never knew who the man was but I did recognize him as being a guide who had come to help me. I never talked about it, of course.

It's one of those things. If you talk to people who have seen aliens or UFOs, it's like, they know it happened but they're so shut down, that they don't even think to talk about it. They get on with their lives, and every once in a while, they'll go ‘Wait a is serious. Something just happened'. Eventually they might say something, but anyhow, for lack of a better word, it's like ‘they' put a kind of a spell over you. You are not supposed to remember.

I always remembered what he looked like and who he was, and his 'etheric footprint', his etheric residue, without knowing who he was. Many years later I was at a Catholic bookstore and they had those cards with the saints on them, and I was spinning the stand around looking for something, and here was a card with Padre Pio on it, and I looked at it and I go 'that's who was in the car with me.' Now the thing about Padre Pio is that Padre Pio was alive at the time this happened, but one of the things he was known for, is appearing and being in many places at any one time all over the world to people. So I was so happy to know who it was. I'm a big fan of Padre Pio's at this point.

So. I knew I was guided. I went through my twenties not really responsible, but I made it out to L.A., found Jim Baker then Father as he was entering the spiritual path, and just completely got aboard with it.


So when you went down to The Source Restaurant to find those Jesuses did you run into Jim that day?

Yeah, I was looking for him.


And you asked "Can I have some of your Jesus people for a photo?"

Yeah, exactly right.


Was it a good reunion?

He just gave me a big hug and said something like "welcome home" or "I was wondering when you were going to come back around." And I was like ‘Wow. Yeah.'

I just walked out on my life once again, everything. I couldn't take anything with me because there was nothing I could take from that life that would have fit. They were all wearing white. I didn't have anything like what they were wearing.  For me it was a no-brainer. People have postulated -- "you can't just do that" and what I have figured out, is that I had cosmic help, when it is time to experience a cross-over or the other realms and that door opens, you either walk through it or you have higher help to walk you through it.

He was resonating at this frequency. I stepped in his frequency at the right time that he was vibrating at the frequency that decoded my frequency, that I had been waiting, all my life to have decoded.

I was thinking 'what is going on here, what am I doing, who am I? Is this ever going to get resolved?' and just waiting then it happen.


Do you think Jim had a similar sort of epiphany seeing the yogi? Did he have mental wounds from the war?

I think in one of his first classes in front of the yogi his kundalini went off and he ended up in the yogi's lap and when he came to he just cried for three days because he had a very interesting past and he wasn't all that good in his past.

He had hurt a lot of people. Even going through the war and killing people, hurting a lot of women, his wives, he had done a lot of harm emotionally and he was quite an egomaniac. So it all went and he did his cross-over really quick also.


For you was it rebellion against your parents?



Were you angry? Were you getting along fine with them?

It's not that I was getting along with them.


So it had nothing to do with fighting with them, more to do with finally finding something higher than your average life?

It had to do with my inner Godhood pushing me to the point I was supposed to be at to get on with it.

I got to that point when I stepped before him at the Source and got on with it, and that was that. We picked up right where we left off many lifetimes ago. Father confirmed that when he said "you always have my back in this work, you've always been with me, you know, in the pyramids, whatever...and you're here again". He made me the historian, the archive keeper, immediately.

He made me the temple keeper and I was the High Priestess so that involved a lot of roles I had with him. It gave a very authoritarian structure to my part within The Family. These were agreements between us that were made before this incarnation...we were supposed to do the work together again this lifetime.

I was a little older than most of the people in The Source Family, there were a few people who were older, but most of them were young kids. Remember, I'd known Jim Baker.  I wasn't intimidated by him. I wasn't in shock and awe and all that. Well actually OK, I was, but I would say more in honor and respect.

I became like his bull-dog. Every group has one, and I very quickly earned the name Dragon Lady. I loved the name, I always resonated to it and I loved it and I still love it. I still love being the dragon lady.

Dragon legacy has a very interesting lore and history behind it all.

Father knew that I would protect and take care of things and he knew that forty years later the legacy would be secured. We were, for the last thirty something years what I would almost call flat-lined. We were almost dead.  We didn't even have a heartbeat.

Then we did the book (THE SOURCE - The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and The Source Family) and we started to get a heartbeat and things started happening. The legacy has been saved and secured I'm telling you right now Father Yod is being called a cult hero and you know the younger generation get him, they get what we were about.

The music has always maintained an underground following but now has exploded. Drag City is remastering all the albums, all nine, but I also have lost music that I just found in the archives, that have never been heard -- that they are putting out now.

His morning meditation tapes are also now being released.  You don't have to hear it from me, you don't have to hear it from anybody, you can hear it from Father himself.

You can time travel back to the real deal and the real time there and just hear it direct from The Source, from him. You will hear how we lived as a family, how we operated ... it was a lot of fun.

We laughed.  A lot.  I was the one who started recording the classes and would follow him around with portable tape recorder.

We lived spiritual law over man's law and there are different rulings to that.

When they were forming The Brotherhood of the Source, there was what we call The Early Group coming in, then the early grouping started to call Jim 'Father' and then he became our Spiritual Father. He morphed very quickly out of Jim Baker, and was no longer Jim Baker when he became Father Yod.  He very clearly said to us one day, "I am no longer Jim Baker". We all had our part and roles in this saga and he often said we were helping 'midwife' him into his spiritual birth or Godhood. And thus he was an example of how and what we also should be doing.

By the way, not only did we give everything to Father when we came into Family, but he gave everything he had to us, that included the Source restaurant. Jim started the Source with Dora, his wife at the time from the Old World days. She designed the daisy flower logo. They divorced and she moved back to France.

Anybody at any point of this man's life, who ever thought they owned him, lost him. Right from the beginning he moved on from every wife he ever had, his children his situations, because he was on his evolutionary journey, and he had to. People who came across his path were karmic, be it good or not. He had to deal with it -- that includes fourteen wives and a very large core family of about 150 people living all together in one household. How did we do it? Simple. We all were on the same program and attuned to the same frequency as a whole, our diet our daily lives our beliefs and our workings as a family unit with Father as the benevolent patriarchal/matriarchal head, he was both Father and Mother to family. Our protocol was kindness, no hurt or harm intended to anyone, love and wisdom in all things, honor and respect in our dealings and to maintain the standard in all we did. We called it:  Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit. Our cornerstone for the master check list.

We are now into the next evolution of mankind -- evolving from man to a spiritual being. We can't take the old programs and the old modus operandi of mankind and evolve into our Godhood. It doesn't work. They have to be dropped.


So we have to remember who we really are?

We watched him do that, and evolve. He gave birth to his own Godhood and that's what we all need to do, we have to birth our own Godhood. So he was an example.  He was God to us to show us that part of our beingness. We are crossing over to a new evolutionary process, a new frequency, a new time is upon us.

The business was highly successful, with wildly popular, good food. I look at the menu now and it looks so simple I think 'this was The Source Restaurant, you've got to be kidding', because I remember back then it just seemed so extravagant. We were the first vegetarian restaurant, on a high scale level. "Maintain the Standard" was a sign we had over the kitchen door.

We would bring to the house big crates of oranges, big crates of apples, big crates of dates, big things of cottage cheese, big blocks of cheese. We ate very well.

I was the family administrator, but we all had roles. The Source Restaurant had their managers, and the women at the house all had their duties. There was order and organization in everything.


Why did you choose the particular imagery and symbols for the restaurant sign, and to decorate your vehicles, hubcaps and so on?

We had the freedom to do it, that there was no other country in the world in the 70's that had the political freedom to allow people to do what they want. With the symbols that we had from the founding fathers who were Freemasons to begin with, were all proclaiming that religious freedom to establish a new paradigm and a new way of being.

So we got creative, and we would put things around for people to see, and express ourselves, where we were at the time. We were very wealthy so we could do what we wanted.


Would everybody join in the mornings each day and have this meditation with Father, opening themselves up, sharing ancient knowledge?

Sharing the was phenomenal, oh my God


Were there any judgments about sexual freedom? Was there a fair bit of exploration between whoever felt attracted?

There were protocols. We had sexual freedom, within the protocol of what we were doing, and our protocol was Tantra. There was a spiritual reason for what we were doing. We took sex, drugs and rock and roll, and we put spirit into it -- sex became Tantra, our drugs became the sacred herb and we only did one hit in the morning and that was it.  There were no other drugs, and our rock and roll became our music. Always spontaneous, it was never rehearsed, it was directly channeled and it's got the wisdom in it. 'Penetration' seems to be everyone's' favorite.


I loved 'A Thousand Sighs'

Oh that was 'The Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa'. That was totally outrageous when we did that.

We had fun you know. We had our own little thing happening. There were several groupings of family bands and many solo musicians.


Why was it called 'Spirit of '76'?

Spirit of '76 was the founding fathers of America, 1776. We put up a flagpole, and we had the flag with the 13 stars flying every day in our front yard in our mansion, it was patriotism. We had all the symbols, the eagle, and the pyramids, the whole founding fathers things.

He would at times say, "the founding fathers, that was one of my most memorable incarnations", the one he related to most. That was a very special time for him, that whole time, the birthing of America, and he always felt very connected to it.


Were many in The Family from these traditional military backgrounds?

This brings up a good point, who knows... because, the trait of the 60's and 70's was no one cared about your background it was the now that mattered and it was more on a soul to soul level, it was also a trait of The Family -- kids got to a point where they were just walking out their doors and leaving home. They were leaving the mind-control of their parents, their drugs, their prescription pills, what they thought they wanted from you, which nobody was going for, and everybody was hitchhiking to places like L.A. Nobody asked you questions like how old you were, nobody asked anything like, what's your family like? Nobody cared. We operated in the now and it only mattered what happened from that point on.

People would find a place to crash; that's how it became so open. It was a very allowing, non-judgmental time, everybody had the opportunity to prove themselves in the now. The vibration we all rode upon was Peace, Love, Kindness, Freedom, Community, Dance, Song and wanting the Wisdom.


So it wasn't about where you were from, but who you were?

Nobody even cared...I was asked "Were there underage girls in The Family?" When we looked at each other in The Family, we didn't see age, we were relating soul to soul, and a lot of us, especially Father, was relating to us on a lot of levels of our past he would look at Aquariana and he would see Helen Of Troy. Whether she was that or not, didn't matter. He didn't see a sixteen year old girl off the L.A streets and wonder to himself 'wait a minute, now, is she underage -- 14 was the legal age in a lot of states and women at 13, when they started their periods, were considered women in the old days'.

And I will tell you right now that none of these girls/women came into the family as virgins they had experienced the sexual revolution long before the family time.

Nobody had to do anything they didn't want to do, everybody had free will, but like I said there was protocol within it, we had to be responsible spiritual beings in our evolution --  that pretty much set us apart from a lot of what was happening with the hippies and the communes. We weren't hippies and we weren't yogi-ites, we came in that way but that's not who we were.


Lets get down to it...was everybody fucking whoever, whenever?

No, it was whatever anybody wanted to do with respect and honor and the proper protocol, you just didn't nail someone on the steps going up the bedrooms.  We had actually, areas that we set aside for privacy, for respect. And we didn't have orgies, like people thought we had.


Was up to the women to choose their lovers?

The women were given their dignity back, given their matriarchal honor back, so Father let that run through The Family. I mean he was the patriarch, but he formed the council of women, we were the mothers of The Family and we kind of ran it. However, the men ran the Source and what happen on the outside.

The women for a while, did run it, and the reasoning was because mans' animal always sees lust, a woman doesn't.  Let the woman come to you, trust her; but, if a man wanted to be with somebody, all he had to do was look at her -- you'd know. And it was mutual so who had first say or not, it was all a vibration.


Was there a favor towards the men who were better at tantric?

I think what it was, was we were all allowed to experience our threads with each other, for whatever reason, whether you were blond, blue eyed, tantric, experienced, or not. Everybody, if you put a bunch of people in a room, everybody is going to be pulled to certain people, for whatever reason, it was the same way in The Family. Now, if you had tantra down, that would have been an extra added bonus because, you know, you have to practice.

When The Family dispersed everybody kinda pretty much went on their own way. He passed over in '75, we stayed together until '77, we stayed together for a couple of years, all of us, hundreds of us, and then, when we dispersed, people went off in either little small groups or people went back home to L.A., some people stayed in Hawaii, different things happened.

A lot of people hit the gamut of society. A lot of them got into drugs, some got into prostitution, some became ‘born again' Christians, some of ‘em got straight-laced and put suits on everybody had like a different thing, until we all could figure it out again, back in this reality with its rules.


Was it hard for the majority to fit back into ‘this reality?'

It was hard for all of us because we lived in a world  our own realm a reality that we had to come down from because it did not fit the reality and rules of the earth realm we left and were now back into.

I remained his wife, I mean I never felt that our thread was broken and I knew our journey was not done. He is still speaking to me and he is still within me, I can feel him stand within me. I didn't ever feel a lack of anything.

We had a very strong understanding, and he had me by the nape of the neck and I knew I wasn't done. I remained his wife, and I became, it wasn't on purpose -- but I became what they call, an Aquarian nun.

I wasn't with anybody else, and I haven't been, for forty something years, because I still feel like I'm with him.  Somebody said to me, "Isn't that like living in the past?" and I said "no, because I brought the past with me."

So, I remained his wife, I became an Aquarian nun, and then I ended up the crone, the elder, I embrace those parts that he said we would, and I'm the only one that did that to this degree everybody else kinda went on their way and remarried or some disclaimed him, most went into a Source closet of sorts. A lot held him in their hearts but quietly moved on, even though most are coming back around now.

I never closed the door on it whereas some people went into a total Source box, closet, and closed the door on it, and their families never even knew until the book came out.

It was like "you were what? You were in the Source Family...? You were even a hippie?" 

It drove my daughter nuts because she tried to fit in everywhere else, she became completely different than me, she couldn't bring her friend's home because I had this strange picture up in my house, this guy with a beard and a robe, and she had to try and explain her mom. She suffered because of it, although at the time I am sure it looked more grim to her than what it really was or should have been. The teens were hard for everyone no matter what social situation one finds themselves in, it is their teething time and learning cures. We went through our times, they had to do so and so it will continue.


So Ra, your daughter Saturna's father, was he also in The Family?

Yes he was in The Family, we get along very well. Saturna was the last baby born before the family dispersed. My journey into Aquarian Nunhood started after family dispersed, and Ra and I  parted when Saturna was about 4. Actually one day at the Father House Father Yod looked at me and said "Isis within a few years you will have a child," but smiled and said "your time is not now".


Was Ra ever jealous, or did he understand that part of you that had that connection with Father Yod?

It was a hard one for him after the family I think -- to measure up to that. It had a lot to do with him leaving me.  It was hard for him, he had to find his own path and being, instead of trying to become the next Father Yod for me.


Did anyone try to take over Father Yod's role after he died and try to embrace this figure?

To degrees, yes, because they thought that was what they were supposed to do. There was maybe even women who tried to do it, thinking, maybe it's supposed to be one of the women, or all of the women, but no. There is only one Father Yod. We're all supposed to be who we are, nobody is supposed to be anybody else, and that was his journey and we are all supposed to have our own.

At the time of his death, we all knew what the program was. We knew that he was to show us how it was to be done. We held a three and a half day vigil, and we all understood it. It takes time for our organs to shut down and our soul to review this incarnations "River of Life". We weren't in grief, or shock, maybe we were in a little shock, I don't know, but we maintained the status quo, we dwell within it.

He was conscious so if he wanted to go to the hospital all he had to do was say-he would have been there so quick, nobody would have resisted.

He at one point turned to Makushla and asked "Do you think I should?" He was waxing back into Jim Baker, he was going, you know this was like 'something's happening here...' and all she said to him was, "you can do what you want, but it would be going against your own teachings."

At that point he said "you're right" but it was always up to him, whatever he wanted to do. He rode it through-a natural death, like a natural spiritual birth into the next realm. So if he went to the hospital, who knows what they would have done, blood transfusion. There wasn't anything wrong with him, the autopsy said "Cause of Death: Unknown".  They couldn't find a thing wrong with him.


Hawaiian newspapers reported that he had broken his back.

No! There were no broken back or bones. In fact when we got to him from the flight down off the mountain he was not even bleeding and he did get up with help from us and at that time mentioned his back did hurt. It's called Samadhi* Where your kundalini goes up and you just exit into the next realm and you birth your own godhead. It's a concept that is going to be more understood as we go on, it's starting to be understood now.

[Ed. note: *In Hinduism, sam?dhi can also refer to videha mukti or the complete absorption of the individual consciousness in the self at the time of death -- usually referred to as

mahasam?dhi (wiki)] 

When we found him he was in the bliss asking "where is that angel who led me down?"

When we moved out of L.A. to Hawaii our dream was to own land and be self sufficient in the Dome Community we were going to build.  It was a great plan and who knows, one day some part of it still might happen.

Now Father is being called a cult hero.  He was at the time, a living legend. Some people have called us living legends, we were part of the forerunners, we were definitely part of it. I would consider myself an alpha crone, at this point, those are some of the tags that have been put on me, I was always alpha driven.

There is a new frequency hitting that will not allow old programming or old modi operandi from anybody to dilute with who we are now and who our next evolution as a spiritual being is.

I got his adventure right away, other people didn't. I got exactly what he was doing, right from the time I stepped onto the Source patio and saw him and said "lets do it, lets get on with it" we both knew, I got it right away!

So, being one of the fourteen wives, women, I never had a problem with it at all, I saw exactly what was going on, and we all got exactly what we needed, nobody lacked anything. He knew what he was doing...and for me re the women, we were sisterhood before the wives so for me it worked and it was an awesome way of life.


Was he good in bed?

It wasn't that he was good in bed, or not it's just that he knew how to treat us as a woman, he gave us what we needed, whether it was a hug, or a look through the eye, whether it was through Dynamism, (sexual tantra) it was his journey and he seemed to know how to handle it all as he/we continued through this journey.  There were no complaints, let me put it that way.

People are at a point now where they say, I forgive -- but I can't forget. It fragments the purpose of forgiving somebody, if you don't forget it, then you haven't forgiven,  it's like it's an old program, and it's a hook to keep you in  that vibration, and why do that to yourself and that other person?

So we all have our reality and we are all processing it, we were a group of souls who moralized for the Source adventure, and Father was the real mystique and magic in it all, it was the heyday of the ‘70's, and I also feel the ‘60's and ‘70's are re-emerging for this generation, I call it a Renaissance.

The next generation is not necessarily the younger generation, the next generation is US, all of us, who are committing to this program, this evolutionary program, where you don't see race, creed, nationality or age.

I'm 70 and I can go with people in their 20s and we don't even know how old each other are and we fit together like one frequency. The next generation is all of us and that's what that term means, we are all one, but we all have our thread.

There is a new thought paradigm.  There is a neighborhood in a very ritzy section of L.A. that have old mansions that nobody could afford to rent, young kids are moving in and co-housing and forming communities, natural birth, the green movement, the green energy, the eating, the clothes.

Our soul is sovereign. It doesn't matter if, like my friend telling me today, "I think L.A. is getting me down, I think I need to move out of here, the work it's destroying me". I just looked at him, and I said, "if you're standing sovereign in your soul, and your soul is sovereign; it doesn't matter where you are- nothing can harm or touch you."

What does it matter where you are? If you're somewhere else you can still be with yourself and have the same issues. Learning to operate at a higher frequency that stuff can't touch you. Even disease can't touch you when you are vibrating at a certain frequency.

We are birthing our own Godhood's. Every day we have to spend time developing our own divinity. I had this conversation with a friend and she goes, "how do you know? It's like a small voice" I said "exactly, why is it small? And why is it there? And why don't you birth it, that's your Godhood."


Why is that important voice so small?

Well, birth it and make it your whole being.  So now every day I say to her, "Have you spent time with your divinity today? Have you hugged your Godhead within you to nurture it and bring it forth?" She said to me "That small voice is kinda growing up real fast I can feel it", and once that starts developing it does take over, you do start noticing a crossover, a change, a conscience.

I am starting to have this gradual new insight of just what does it mean to birth your own Godhood.

To evolve from man to a spiritual being as our next evolution it means not taking the old programs with us, they will not fit anyhow. It might also mean giving up all concepts of this evolutionary way of thinking and doing, meaning to form your own direct link or thread to the Source with no middle man.

This would eliminate the need for gurus, masters, teachers anyone riding herd, however well intended it is, for everything they got and gave or left us is from the same source that we can connect with directly (spiritual maturity time). Its about giving up all ego or personality claims about who you think you are, and merging the heart with the mind for a balance of love and wisdom. It's about relating to soul over ego or personalities. This will be the crossover work now and this age is 2,000 years long and we are just in the beginning of it. We are like pioneers or something and in a very few short years to the next generation will see us as very simple in it all. Kind of like before electricity was discovered and used by all.

Also, the Cosmic Council wants a new show from us. They're bored. They're tired of the same old, same old,  that is why shit's hitting the planet, they are like "still the same play? Do we have to keep watching this over and over again?" It's like they just took a disc and threw it out the window. "Give me something new, this isn't working!"


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Photography by Jon Gordon Mackenzie

Source Photos : courtesy of Isis Archives

Caroline Ryder first met Isis Aquarian and the Source Family in 2007, when she wrote about the fashions worn by Father Yod's women for the LA Times. Splitting her time between Joshua Tree and Hollywood, she writes about women, music, art and entertainment for Dazed&Confused, the LA Weekly, New York magazine and Cosmopolitan. She is working on her first novel.