Sunday, April 15th, 2012, take part in an exclusive one-off Evolver Intensive interactive video salon with Electric Jesus author and Evolver co-founder Jonathan Talat Philips and renowned author and truth-seeker, Graham Hancock entitled, "Ayahuasca, Aliens and The Ancient Mysteries:  Rites of Passage for the Modern Age."

In this exclusive discussion, Jonathan and Graham will explore how we can
apply the initiatory wisdom of the mystery schools, entheogens, and the
ET phenomenon to evolve and heal ourselves, and our world. The two will
talk about the mystical technology of the Pyramids, alchemical secrets
of the Gnostics, alien interventions in the past and present, the
growing ayahuasca movement, and a greater initiatory process and cosmic
story taking place on our planet.

The Evolver Intensives utilizes cutting-edge technology to grant participants access to the world's most invigorating minds in the most transformative fields. The Intensives dissolve the boundaries of a large conference by giving participants a chance to directly communicate with presenters through their laptops, in the comfort of their own home.

Early-Bird Registration for $15 ends on March 29th, 2012; Regular price is $20.

By participating in this opportunity, you will receive:

•    A 60-minute live video conversation with Graham Hancock & Jonathan Talat Phillips, utilizing a technology that allows for each participant on the webinar to have a live video feed of themselves presented to the other participants of the webinar.
•    A minimum of 30 minutes of question and answer time dedicated to the participants.
•    Participation in a private online community with other participants
•    PDF articles from Graham and Talat
•    Unlimited online access to video and audio of the session

Join these two visionary trailblazers on April 15 as we deepen the investigation into these cosmic mysteries. Hope to see you online!

This talk is in celebration of Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books release of The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic.