Evolver Spores: The Mystery of Dreams

Wed, April 18

Each night as we drift off to sleep, we enter into one of
life’s oldest and most profound mysteries: the world of dreams. Cultures
throughout history have been mesmerized by this ethereal state of consciousness,
from the Dreamtime stories of Australia’s Aborigines to the symbolic
psychologies of Freud and Jung. The alternate realms of our visionary slumbers
present a puzzling paradox, calling into question the true nature of reality.  Though much research has been done into
the subject, the age-old question of why we dream remains as elusive as ever.

This month, the Evolver Social Movement (E+SM) will pull
back the covers from this mystifying phenomenon. Local Spores may choose to
compare indigenous beliefs with recent scientific studies, learn techniques
from dream yoga to lucid dreaming, or explore the power of creative
visualization and manifestation.

To find your Spore, or start your own, click on the link below:

AUSTRALIA: Nimbin, Sydney

CANADA: Calgary, Toronto , Vancouver

EUROPE: Budapest, London, Vienna, Yorkshire

USA: Asheville, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham,AL, Bloomington, Boston, Boulder, Buffalo, Chicago, Columbia, MO, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis,Everett, Iowa
, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Mount Pleasant, Murfreesburo, Naples, FL,
New Orleans
, New York City, Oakland/East Bay, Omaha, Philadelphia,
, Portland, OR, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San
, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington,DC, Wilkes-Barre

image "Peace" by Alyssa L Miller via Flickr curosity of Creative Commons.