I began with RS years ago. Five years and 2 weeks to be precise, as I'm graciously reminded each time I login. In that time I've seen, read, felt and experienced many wonderful things. It's been a very tasty sandwich, this reality. We're evolving intensely – no question about that. Where we're going, and how we're getting there seems quite uncertain, at the moment. So, with Evolver Intensives, we're charting a course.

From my first Intensive experience, I realized a flower had appeared. A beautiful, fragrant flower, never-before-seen in the Evolver eco-system. Then, as now, I recognize the Intensives as a celebration of the best-of-the-best of the RS/Evolver ethos – consciousness, discussion, inspirational stories, amazing people, collective action, community –  together, in-sync, interactive, around the globe.

Energizing, visionary, high-tech, campfire ghost stories – Evolver Intensives. Part academia, deep exploration, intimate conversation, and tribal gathering – each session, and I've experience many, whirled my mind wider, burst my heart open, fuelled me further.

After a session I feel like I've just read a book, watched an epic movie, ate mushrooms, had a wonderful conversation, downloaded everything, danced all night, woke up early, ate well, ran for miles, hung out with amazing people from all over the world, traded questions for answers and received a dozen new perspectives. In other words, I feel totally high.

They're fun. 

They're also serious, in the sense that Evolver Intensives represent “the classroom of the future” – an ideal akin to the “flying car”. Think about it. From around the planet, we gather. Live, online, interactive, via full-screen, speech activated video, to learn, share, explore, solve and go further. Pretty dang slick, if you ask me.

It's like Twitter in another dimension, with a splash of TED married with Skype mixed with YouTube and Wikipedia, a good dose of real life and a hit of LSD.

When you gather together with visionaries, interesting things happen. Wonderful things. Multiply that by the focused intent of a large groups of people; the participants, students, and kindred spirits collectively interconnected around the planet, across timezones and cyber space, in-tune and pro-active, and you get: the visionary download, that feeling of oneness, that verve to keep going, amazing lessons, powerful inspiration from great teachers. You get the “classroom of the future”, beyond – and sometimes about – your wildest dreams.

Evolver Intensives, are live, online, interactive, video courses. Wherever you are. In the comfort of home or a favorite place – as long as your favorite place has a computer and an Internet connection – you can check in and upgrade.

Through Evolver Intensive's fractal hallways walk many inspiring individuals – people who have changed the world in wonderful ways, and continue to do so. Leaders, true leaders, who create and maintain paths of integrity and wisdom; nourishing and encouraging new ways of being.

Wade Davis, Jeremy Narby, Starhawk, Mark Pesce, Daniel Pinchbeck, Dennis McKenna, Luis Eduardo Luna, Ralph Metzner, Kathleen Harrison, Stan Grof, Alberto Villoldo, Sandra Ingerman, John Perkins, Linda Fitch, Marcela Lobos, Martina Hoffman, Steve Beyer, Susana Bustos, Carmen Boulter, Ram Dass, Charles Eisenstein, Orland Bishop, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Toby Hemenway, Van Jones, Mark Lakeman, Carolyn Stayton, Ernest Callenbach, CJ Castenada, Erik Davis, Steve Beyer, Ede Frecska, Kennth Tupper, Fernanda Ibarra, John L. Peterson, Mark Boyle, Matthew Watkins, Jeffery Wilson, Suzanne Taylor, Nancy Talbott, John Martineau, Scott James, Llyn Roberts, David Korten, Andrew Harvey, Adam Bucko, Diane Berke, Ellen Gunter, Caroline Myss, Lynne Twist, Foster Gamble… the list goes on – and with Graham Hancock, Jonathan Talat-Phillips, Nassim Haramein, David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Peter Gorman and Morgan Brent upcoming or in session as you read this – the story grows stronger.

And what a story! A tale woven with shamanism, sacred-economics, activism, permaculture, dying consciously, health, aliens, crop circles, empowerment, and transition – to name but a few of the rivers and themes explored by Evolver Intensives.

In “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth”, Buckminster Fuller describes The Great Pirates, and how they devised schools as way to rope in the brightest, most intelligent individuals in order to train their expertise, their energy, toward the will of the King “and thus, secretly and greatly, advantaged his patron Pirate in the world competition with the other Great Pirates.”

Evolver Intensives may very well represent “the school of the future”, yet one not built on pirates, the will of the King, or specialization. Instead, we're setting out to sea – together – a colorful crew on a high-tech ship, diving deep, riding waves and preparing new maps for the new worlds that are preparing us.


Pick an ocean and come along