Have you ever wondered what a planetary transformation of society and consciousness based on the integration of esoteric philosophy, shamanic practice, design science, dance floor grooves, and cutting-edge communications technology might sound like? We hope so, because we devised our first E+SM mix, Evolution for Your Ears , to satisfy this secret yearning.

At the Evolver Social Movement, we believe in the concept of free – of sharing, foraging, scavenging, bit-torent-ing, and all forms of open-source opportunism.  We are, therefore, delighted to offer Evolution for Your Ears to you gratis, as a gift, with positively no strings attached, ever. In fact, we believe that everything should be free, from now until the end of time or the death of God, whichever comes first.

At the same time, in our current circumstances, it must be said that we would really, truly, deeply appreciate your financial support, however modest and minimal – or lavish and large – you care to make it. We promise that we will take your contributions and do good things with it, such as build a global network for conscious evolution, send cool authors out on tours, keep our staff fed and housed, build new widgets and suchlike on our web thingies, and put together conferences and festivals in sylvan glades or dense urban centers.

In case you don’t know by now, the Evolver Social Movement is our volunteer, non-profit initiative designed to raise consciousness, build community, and put ideals into practice. When you support E+SM, you help to build the scaffold for a new planetary culture that is visionary and pragmatic, experimental and organic, with a dash of paprika and turmeric, a hint of mint, a daub of Amazonian shamanism, and a healthy heap of permaculture precepts. We have over forty local groups that meet up in cities and towns around the world, which we call Evolver Spores, inspiring new connectivity, creative insurrection, and projects that support a thriving, healthy world.

Evolution for your Ears features the extraordinary talents of Thievery Corporation, The Nadis Warriors, KiloWatts, Dynasty Electric, Tipper, and more. Click here to join E+SM and get the mix:

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Special thanks to the artists for donating their music.


Daniel, Jonathan Talat, Remi, Ken, Jennifer, and the Evolver Sporeganizers


The E+SM MIX: Evolution for Your Ears 

1. Cualli – Dream Song
2. Dynasty Electric – Reality Check
3. Phutureprimitive – Cryogenic Dreams 06:24
4. Tipper – Tit For Tat 04:01   
5. KiloWatts – Transmogrifier 05:32
6. Thievery Corporation – Vampires (Afrolicious & Rob Garza Remix)    
7. Nadis Warriors – Telophase (Dismantling Cycles) (Brow)   
8. Michael Garfield – Fatima / The Apparition (live at the DMT RMX party) 06:10   
9. Greg Howard – Tim Was Here    
10. The Portal – Trance    
11. Melogrand – We're Being Robbed

Curated by Michael Garfield and Annie Phil


" I feel this is the most important time in human history. I know this generation has been placed here at this moment in time for a reason.
Evolver Social Movement is a place where this "tribe" of healers, can
find a community of support and inspiration. Where we can learn,
exchange ideas, lift each other up, and help each other fulfill our
purpose on this planet. A symbiotic network of shamans if you will."

–Jason Hahn,  Nadis Warriors Producer/Composer