This article orginally appeared on Peace 2012


April 5th marks the point at which there will be precisely one tzolkin cycle of 260 days left in the thirteen baktun cycle of 1,872,000 days, or approximately 5,125 years, that ends on December 21st 2012.

This will be the final spin in a series of 7200 spins that began on August 11th, 3114 BC. In the Classic count, or Long Count, the tzolkin date will be 4 Ahau, the same as December 21st of this year, meaning that April 5th will share the same energy as this final day of this great cycle.
The prophetic tradition of the Maya uses the energies of the Ahau days that fall on the end-dates of each cycle to determine the characteristics of the time period. This means that April 5th should give us a unique insight into the energy of the day that will end the great cycle.

According to the work of Jose Arguelles, the whole of the 5,125-year cycle of 7200 tzolkin rounds, can be seen as a giant tzolkin onto which all the events of history can be projected as a narrative that concludes on December 21st 2012 . If this is so, we are about to enter the last micro-fractal- or chapter- of this sequence, in which all the events of the last 13 baktuns will be recapitulated in minature. This very last 260 day cycle is a fractal hologram that encodes the whole. Entering into this time consciously, and being able to remember and follow this sequence, potentially strengthens our ability to comprehend, tune into and appreciate the significance of the much-debated calendar end-date of December 21st. By following the tzolkin we are able to tune into the frequency pattern of the 260-day rhythm that is the master co-ordinating cycle for all of the Mayan calendrical science, so April 5th represents a unique and potent experiential opportunity.

On April 5th, in Jose Arguelles’s ‘Dreamspell’ calendar- his contemporary reintrepretation of the Mayan tzolkin- the signature of the day is Blue Crystal Hand, Kin 207, which will also be the same on December 21st. Much has been made of the differences between this modern calendar and the traditional count, but being just 260 days away from the end of the cycle and having both counts on the same frequency that they will be when it ends, provides a unique opportunity for reconciliation and a demonstration of unity between the two.

April 5th, in the Long Count, 4 Ahau in the traditional, and Blue Crystal Hand in the Dreamspell can be seen as a ‘Calendar Convergence Day’. A day when diverse traditions that are following essentially the same rhythm can become entrained with each other for the benefit of the planetary whole. A day when those following the Dreamspell can learn more about the traditional cycles and when the traditionalists can align with the greater cycles encoded by the Classic Mayan culture. These calendars are both tools for increasing awareness and sharing that heightened awareness and appreciation of time is the most important thing we can for others. To many people, December 21st only means the ‘end of the world’, rather than the convergence point of a great cycle, so the details of different counts are lost. It is time to go beyond the confusion and all of the superficial differences and into the essential underlying unity. There are just 260 days left, enough days to raise significant awareness, but not enough to be wasted in petty argument and disagreement.

Significant anniversaries like April 5th, that most certainly would have been marked by the Classic Mayan culture, have often been missed by those who are interested in and using the tzolkin. This happens in the traditional count, because living knowledge of the longer cycles has long been obscured and it happens in the new Dreamspell system, because many of those using it, are unaware of the different count.

Let’s take the opportunity on this day to re-member, to bring together the traditions and to put aside the differences.

We need to do this not only to demonstrate the essential underlying unity of all calendars based on the tzolkin, but for the purpose of learning from each other and preparing for  the possibility of a moment of global unity on December 21st. Let’s converge!

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