Every six months Nightlight Astrology begins its new 1 year certification course. This June, as we launch our newest astrology course (visit the training course tab on our website for more information), we are also pleased to announce the beginning of our new monthly planetary guest lecturer series. Kicking off this month of June, during eclipse season and the powerful Venus retrograde transit, the Nightlight Astrology school is pleased to host Astrologers Adam Gainsburg and Armand Diaz for evening presentations on Sunday June 10th and Sunday June 24th.

Adam Gainsburg will be speaking on his new book, "The Light of Venus," and Armand Diaz will be speaking on his new book, "Integral Astrology." Both are fantastic new contributions to the field of astrology, and we are eager to study with both of them this month.

As usual, our suggested donation range is $20 – $40 for the events, and to receive the teleconference call-in number and access code, you must register by emailing us at [email protected]

Once we've received your donation and RSVP we will send you the access code. These calls are also available by mp3 afterward for the same donation price range! All proceeds go toward supporting our speakers and the Nightlight Astrology lecture series program. With your support, we can continue to bring out the best astrologers for talks and teaching!

Sunday June 10th, 7-9pm Eastern
Adam Gainsburg, on his new book "The Light of Venus."

The Light of Venus offers a complete system of tracking with and understanding the cycle of Venus in our skies. It demonstrates how to embrace more of your inner feminine nature so that you can better contribute to an improved world. The dynamic phases of Venus are an untapped gem for those wishing to shift out of a me-centric life and into a we-empowered life. The day you were born reveals which of Venus’ 13 phases is yours. It describes how your innate Feminine Self unfolds into a unique and co-creative Feminine Dharma. Rooted in the most ancient skywatching practices and explained for modern readers, The Light of Venus is less astrology book and more a sky compass for empowering our femininity.

Sunday June 24th, 7-9pm Eastern
Armand Diaz, on his new book "Integral Astrology."

In Integral Astrology, Armand M. Diaz, Ph.D., offers an exciting new way for astrologers to approach their ancient and diverse discipline. He emphasizes that there is not one astrology, but a number of astrologies, each of which expresses a particular place on the cultural landscape, an inner or outer orientation, and a stage of consciousness evolution. He shows how these diverse perspectives create a dynamic mosaic of astrological knowledge, and presents a model for a truly inclusive, integral astrology that honors both its traditions and innovations while also building bridges to other disciplines and ways of thinking.

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