Spacehive launches

From Kickstarter to Indie-gogo, the past few years have brought in a blitzkrieg of crowd-funding platforms, and an expanding number of successfully crowd-sourced projects. Crowd-funding, a collaborative and cooperative financing method where all resources and capital are pooled, has become a more and more reliable method of raising funds for start-ups, fundraisers or other projects.

Spacehive, a new crowd-funding platform from London, aims to restore and revitalize whole communities, instead of just subsidizing one-off projects. Spacehive’s mission is to help communities transform and rejuvenate their public spaces.

Ever seen a heinous sculpture in your local park? And then realize all the neighbours share your distate for it? Spacehive can help prevent such an occurrence with its receptivity to suggestions, and collaborative format.

What makes Spacehive an asset is that it allows for members of a community to have both input and sway in regards to their surroundings. In this regard, it can also unite community members in creative process and visionary discussions, which typically remain behind closed doors amongst hired design committees. Thus, Spacehive as a platform has the potential to establish and fortify new creative relationships and networks within a community.