Green for All founder Van Jones is holding a telephone conference on May 27th to discuss how to use media to push for eco equity with the upcoming "Climate Security Act."

Jones, a Yale-educated attorney and Oakland-based "Green Jobs Corp" advocate, is dedicated to unifiying activist efforts regarding issues of poverty and eco-reformation. He was heavily involved in drafting and advocating the "Green Jobs Act of 2007" (Title X of the federal 2007 Energy Bill). His belief is that the ecological movement is impotent without including economically impoverished classes.

Jones writes:

"Beginning as early as the first week of June, there will be an historic debate on the floor of the United States Senate about the 'Climate Security Act' (S. 2191), sponsored by Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and John Warner (R-VA). The debate will be an important and precedent-setting opportunity — if we seize it — to frame climate protection policy as policy that can help us build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. If we do not take the opportunity to frame this debate, rest assured, it will be framed for us: by well-meaning allies who invoke endangered polar bears as the only catalyst for action; or by decidedly malicious opponents who will play on economic fears and trumpet false concerns for the poor and people of color in an effort to justify the pollution-based status quo.

We cannot let these arguments define the debate around climate change policy, and so I invite you to join me for a nationwide conference call to share ideas and tactics for communications and messaging in this debate. The attacks have already begun, so we must be prepared to weigh in and win the framing war in our local media outlets around the country when Lieberman-Warner hits the floor and the front page of newspapers everywhere."

Register at in order to take part in this telephone conference discussion, in which participants may discuss the most effective ways to articulate simple but compelling messages via media for climate protection.