FractalNation, a village at Burning Man, is a collaboration of over a dozen Art and Production collectives, who were all inspired and given purpose by Burning Man. Community support is needed; listed below are the ways in which you can help, and recreate last year's magic. 

Last year, on Fractal Nation’s debut to the playa as many as
10,000 people enjoyed the camp’s opening night. This year, however, is a
very different Burning Man. The ticket lottery debacle means that many
of the large sound camps and other installations that graced the burn
are either absent, or having to fundamentally think the way they make
the magic happen.

FractalNation’s response is to launch an Indie-go-go
that is offering some pretty generous gifts from the
participating creatives, including DVD copies of ‘The Spirit Molecule’,
Charles Shaw’s book ‘Exile Nation’, and tickets to Envision Festival in
Costa Rica. Even if you are not going to the burn this year, the
quality of the gifts provide a fairly compelling self serving reason to
participate in the philanthropy…and innovatively expand the Burning Man
notion of ‘gifting’ into a win-win scheme that should see one of the
most exciting and visionary BM projects back on the Playa.

Part of providing a magical experience is keeping everyone safe and healthy. That's why FractalNation is organizing harm reduction services (compassionate emotional support in a special facility, the Zendo), for people who are having difficult emotional experiences catalyzed in part by mind-manifesting substances.  

FractalNation is independently offering these services as part of its contribution to the gift economy. They're looking for volunteers who already have their own tickets to work at least one 6-hour shift, ideally two-four shifts, with a 4-hour training to take place in FractalNation, probably on Tuesday, August 28.

They are most in need of physicians, nurses or EMTs, one of whom they'd like on every shift so that they can send anybody who needs medical rather than psychologically supportive attention to the event medical response teams.

They're also seeking psychotherapists, social workers, anybody who is comfortable with non-ordinary states of consciousness and sees value in supporting others through challenging moments. If you are interested in volunteering and/or have questions, please contact Linnae Ponte, at [email protected]

Image by kevin dooly, courtesty of Creative Commons licensing.