The life and thought of Terence McKenna was celebrated and explored by Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty who convened a workshop at the Esalen Institute for thirty people in June. Based on years of research into Terence’s life and works, the processing of hundreds of audio talks for the Psychedelic Salon, and close collaboration with Terence’s brother Dennis, Bruce and Lorenzo took attendees on a “deep dive” into the invisible landscapes of Terence’s history and mind.

The first audio installment has just been published in the Salon podcast ( In it, Bruce reads his “Ode to Terence” ( a poetic treatment of Terence’s life story, entheobotanical explorations, uniquely visioned storytelling, conflicted life, tragic passing, and second coming in Cyberspace. Next, in Terence’s own words we hear some of the key moments in his evolution from early childhood to his “funny ideas”, altered statesmanship, and his final thoughts.

Excerpts from Dennis Mckenna’s upcoming book “The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss” are also read by Bruce. These excerpts reveal important truths about Terence that the community now needs to hear. This deep dive ends with Bruce’s words to Terence himself: “Terence, the spell is broken, we are relieved, you are released, and, yes, we kept breathing and we still love you”. After taking this deep dive, we will all emerge knowing Terence the Man, and, just in time for “his year” of 2012, dispel Terence the Myth.

The Esalen workshop: Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012 was the second stop on a tour that started in Los Angeles in January and will continue at Burning Man in August. More on this series and the current audio and video of the first two programs can be accessed at and at