The Farsight Institute, a non-profit organization focused on the
scientific application of remote viewing, recently released a challenge
to mainstream science: organize a tightly controlled, publicly viewable
scientific display of the phenomenon of remote viewing in return for
mainstream recognition of the validity of the phenomenon itself. And do
it in the narrowing window of a vanishing 2012 timescape.

Dr. Courtney Brown, an Atlanta-based professor who directs the
Institute, has spearheaded the development of a novel Prometheus
Protocol for conducting scientific Remote Viewing experiments. He uses
multiple world-class, military-grade remote viewers in sophisticated
ways that are able to be, and have been, followed and verified by the
public. Brown is urgently requesting the attention of the mainstream
science community, which lags behind the findings of some pioneering
exploratory scientists. 

Citing the combination of The Farsight Institute's grim post-2012 studies and the recent actions of those in power (Brown cites the following: "(1) the termination of the U.S. manned spaceflight program, (2) the sealing of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault,
(3) the withdrawal of long term resources and management capabilities
from many global economies, including that of the U.S., (4) the
construction of extensive, hardened underground facilities for the
military and political elite, despite the lack of nuclear enemies, and
(5) repeated dire warnings from NASA and NOAA regarding expected unprecedented and long-term Carrington Events."), Brown offers his Institute's services:

"If select and important leaders of mainstream science recognize the
reality of remote viewing, then we at The Farsight Institute will
conduct a major and extended sequence of remote-viewing demonstrations
that will satisfy nearly all people with respect to this reality. All
the details of how to conduct such a series of demonstrations have been
worked out. The scientific controls will be perfect, and we will involve
the public in the verification process.

"We have conducted such remote-viewing demonstration projects before. See, for example, our Multiple Universes Project.
The big differences between our past demonstrations and our anticipated
"big demonstration" is that we will involve a widely trusted luminary
as our target tasker, we will utilize only our best viewers, and we will
have a much larger watching audience.

"We are offering to do now and quickly what mainstream science
cannot do by itself for a very long time in terms of educating the
public in these matters that have long been resisted in our world. These
matters of remote viewing, nonlocality, and even extraterrestrial life
are truly important right now."

The Farsight Institute offers a wide variety of educational material on the phenomenon of remote viewing, much of it free and accessible via their website (linked below), and much of it performed and designed using tight, precise reason that merits a look from those interested in applying the human capability for scientific reason as applied to our experience of reality. In addition, many of their study results and protocol are clearly available to the public as evidence to be analyzed rather than conclusive or hysterical prediction as is sometimes offered by the remote-viewing community. 

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