Jeet Kei Leung (a.k.a. DJ Mazeguider) delivers an enthusiastic TED talk about a remarkable, and relatively new, global cultural phenomenon, which he calls “Transformational Festival” culture.  In his talk at TEDx Vancouver, Jeet Kei takes audience members on a galactic class “lightship” in order to journey to some of these leading-edge festivals.

This new evolutionary culture is only a few decades old, at most. These festivals are typically outdoors in nature, whether at beach, forest, or desert, and they always contain some combination of art, performance (prayer-formances), artisan markets, visionary art, electronic dance music, stages with altars, vibrant dance floors, and beautiful sacred spaces.

What is exceptional about these festivals is that anywhere from 30% to 100% of participants are co-creative in these events. Jeet Kei maintains that transformational festivals remind us of the primordial human need to contribute to community. These festivals remind us of our ancestral history, that is, what it was like to live together as a tribe.

For Jeet Kei, it is the shamanic element of dancing which bears the most significance and potency. While some tribes gather around the fire with drums and chanting, this neo-tribal community tends to gather around high-end sound systems with electronic dance music moving hundreds to thousands of bodies into ecstatic states from trance, to bliss.

To learn more about this, keep a look out for Jeet Kei Leung and Syd Woodard's upcoming four-part documentary series about transformational festivals, or get to the nearest festival before summer is over!


Image by TEDx Vancouver on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.