Toltec I Ching (to be released in July) draws from common sources of both the Chinese divination method know as the I Ching and pre-Hispanic traditions that produced the "Long Count" sacred calendar ending in 2012.  In the book, authors Martha Ramirez-Oropeza and William Douglas Horden synergize "two powerful oracular traditions that developed independently in the east and the west for two millennia."  Overcoming the previous more patriarchical biasis of previous I Chings, this book aims to evoke both the masculine and feminine energies for helping users to master self-defeating attitudes, respond wisely to things beyond their control and creatively engage a situation’s inner potentials, amongst other life trials.

Recognizing a burgeoning planetary culture, The Toltec I Ching carries the lofty mission of serving as "a helpful tool for people who may need to reinvent themselves or their situations, or who want to help others do one or both—or who simply want better guidance and deeper understanding of how to engage the emerging global perspectives driving widespread change."