Humanity currently faces its greatest challenge as a species, and up to this moment, we have not been up to the task. That challenge is accelerating global warming. We approach a point of no return, and we need to make a rapid change of direction to avert catastrophe. As 21 scientists just wrote in Nature, "Averting a planetary-scale critical transition demands global cooperation to stem current global-scale anthropogenic forcings.”

Now, where is that cooperation going to come from? Governments have shown they are incapable of making a transition. Corporations are wedded to the profit motive, and must maximize value for their shareholders, even if this endangers the environment and accelerates global warming. As Bill McKibben writes in the new issue of Rolling Stone, we require a global movement of civil society to bring about this transition. We will need to radically transform our civilization so that the use of fuel and resources is reduced by a large degree, while we develop techniques for ecological restoration – such as permaculture and bioremediation – and apply them on a global scale.

To bring about this evolution in social practices and change of direction, we will need to bring about a rapid transformation of human consciousness on a planetary scale. This change is already taking place to a significant degree: We saw it with the sudden blossoming of the Occupy movement, which dissipated under the pressure of government repression. New forms of social media are allowing for a rapid exchange of information and ideas, leading to a global awakening that is political and, also, spiritual.

In order to answer this call, we started The Evolver Network our nonprofit initiative, in 2009. All over the world, people are realizing that the system we have inherited is hurtling us toward destruction. They are seeking alternatives. Our local Evolver groups are living, learning laboratories where people come together to explore the critical issues of our time and define solution-based approaches to them.

To build this initiative for civil society, we need your support. If a small percentage of the people who follow Evolver and Reality Sandwich become monthly contributors to The Evolver Network, we will have the resources we need to support our community infrastructure and undertake new programs, as well as local initiatives.

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