Scholars of Occult Magic, rejoice! The heretofore unpublished Book of Soyga, written by 16th century magician Dr. John Dee, is coming to print for the first time. Previously known only through references in other texts, the Book of Soyga was discovered in 1994 at the British Library.  Since that time, a team of translators, artists, and scholars have been hard at work to bring this text to a contemporary audience.

"Practitioners in the western esoteric tradition have speculated that the Book of Soyga may have had influence on the Enochian System of Magic which was dictated to Dee and Kelley by the Angels." The Book of Soyga contains its own magical system, similar in style to the Enochian System, which makes use of a grid structure, populated by language and symbols. The publication of this book offers a new line of inquiry to contemporary researchers who are interested in experimenting with the frameworks outlined by Dee and his scryer, Edward Kelly.

The Book of Soyga, slated for publication in early 2013 by Clavis Editions, will include the original Latin transcription, as well as an English translation.  Clavis Editions is a collaboration between Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press, the aim of which is "to make available some of the most sought-after and rare occult texts in both library and fine editions." Based on the prior work of these publishers, readers should expect an exquisite handling of Dee's book.


Image painted in the 16th century by an unknown artist, courtesy of Wikipedia