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The Ayahuasca Experience
By Jeremy Narby
You remain lucid inside, an observer. The anthropologist taking notes can be inside a maelstrom of visual hallucinations. It is as if it was a science-fiction movie, you're saying: "Wow, what a film!"

What Jennifer Aniston May Not Know About Ayahuasca 
By Jonathan Talat Phillips
In the new romantic comedy Wanderlust, actress Jennifer Aniston drinks ayahuasca for the first time.  In just a few years, the once secret Amazonian brew has snaked its way into the entertainment industry. But the question lies: can Hollywood portray this medicinal, psychonautic elixir with the maturity and complexity necessary to address its multifaceted experiences?

The Ayahuasca Sessions: An Interview with Ron Wheelock 
By Rak Razam
Ron Wheelock trained for many years with indigenous curanderos in Peru. In many ways he epitomises the new breed of Western shamans following indigenous wisdom. Here Ron discusses how he got involved with ayahuasca and was called on the path of shamanism, his experiences with DMT and the spirit world, and treating Western ayahuasca seekers.

Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest
By Adam Elenbaas
I cupped my hands over my ears and saw myself curled into the fetal position, disoriented and trying to escape. But escape from what, exactly? Not the effects of the ayahuasca or the visions, but something deeper, something residing at my core: the malignant feeling of being insignificant and alone in a universe far too vast and viscious for me to make headway. 

The Sacred Vine's Ancient Traditions in the Colombian Rain Forest 
By Felipe Merizalde Zuluaga 
There has been conflict over whether to open the ceremonies to foreigners or to keep them closed as they have been for thousands of years. But there is no time to choose anymore. The Cofán people's territories are threatened; they need allies in the "civilized world."

Saturated with Spirit at Nihue Rao
By Chris Kilham 
At the beginning of the ceremony, I had asked the ayahuasca to fill me with the medicine teachings. Later on as I lay suffused with radiant love, as I felt an infinite and perfect compassion for all beings, the ayahuasca said to me "This is the highest of all the medicine teachings."

Soul, Spirit and Right Relationship: A Conversation with Steve Beyer 
By Morgan Maher
Steve Beyer is the author of Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon. In this interview we go a little deeper into the forest, exploring shamanism, ayahuasca, and the importance of building right relationship.

Cosmovision: An Aya Oddysey 
By Rak Razam
The ayahuasca vine has spread her tendrils across the world and a genuine archaic revival was underway. My bags were packed; South America beckoned, and the ancient mysteries of the rainforest awaited. I wanted in on it. 

I Think I'm Dying, But It's Okay 
By Bill Kennedy
[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • The guardians said I needed to be in the energy of the circle. They gave me an ultimatum — I could go back to my room and suffer for the next four hours or I could come back to the circle for healing. I realized my choices were to die in the basement watching a baseball game or to die next to my best friend in a healing ceremony. I went back to the circle.  

Romancing the Spirit Vine: A Talk with Margaret De Wys 
By Adam Elenbaas
A battle with cancer led Margaret De Wys to Ecuador to sit in traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies. After miraculous healings she began an apprenticeship and life-altering romantic relationship with the shaman who healed her. In this interview, Margaret De Wys discusses her story and her new memoir, Black Smoke.

Down and Out on Ayahuasca 
By Jamye Waxman
[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • I started running down this hill, full speed ahead. Actually, I wasn't running; my legs were doing their own thing. I was having an uncontrollable, semi-out-of-body experience while awake and alive.

Modern Shamanism — Sacred Cyberspace? 
By Chris Kilham
Traditional mind/body disciplines that emerge from their secluded enclaves always morph when they hit new cultures. Disciplines that once only took place in guru/disciple relationships are now available at the YMCA. Are you ready to develop shaminic skills using your computer?

How Shipibo Healers Cured My Brain Tumor
By Aprile Blake 
From a Chinese perspective, my condition is conceived as a stagnant one, and this is exactly what I felt was being cleaned out of me; old, stale and putrefied energy.  Somewhere deep in the midst of this strong physiological flushing, I understood that I had found not merely facilitators, but people who could actually cure.

The Way of Light: A Healing Journey with Ayahuasca
By Rak Razam
So there I am sitting in the dark, exposed to the naked raw emotion of true love as Maria sings to me, and when she is finished there's a pregnant pause like she's waiting for me to speak. For a second my tourist reflexes kick in and I think she wants something, dinero, that I've been drawn back to the level of buy and sell. But she doesn't ask for money. That's not what the mother does.

Yarandin: Healing the Warriors
By Richard Grossman 
Many indigenous healing rites begin with a prayer dedicating the healing to all people. When one person heals, a way, a camino, is opened for others to heal the same wound. In the upcoming documentary film Yarindin, a band of warriors journey deep into the jungle to heal their souls, to heal war, with indigenous plant medicine. 

Stephan Beyer Drinks Up
By Erik Davis
In contrast to many Euro-American aya fans, who fetishize the otherness of the Amazonian shaman, Beyer does not characterize the Amazon's techniques of religious ecstasy as archaic residues free from any contamination from today's globalized world. The culture of ayahuasca is both stronger and weaker than that.

I'd Rather Be in Savasana
By Padmani 
[The Ayahuasca Monologues] •  I cautiously re-opened an eye and watched as I continued to fall apart, piece by piece, until I emerged, finally, as an elaborate cathedral of bone. Think Tim Burton meets Gothic architecture meets the Flintstones.

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