Evolver on YouTube

Evolver is now on YouTube! EvolverNetTV is our new YouTube channel, and will be used for all Reality Sandwich/Evolver-related videos. Be sure to subscribe if you're on YouTube, and check back as more content is added.

Our first video features the full video from "The New Edge of Radical Economics," an Evolver network event with David Graeber, Occupy Wall Street activist and author of Debt: The First 5,000 Years, and Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, moderated by RS's own Daniel Pinchbeck. Graeber and Eisenstein tackle the loaded question: What is money? They aptly compare money to magic, and explore the notion that money works because we all believe in it. You can watch it on our YouTube page, or check it out below.

Image by rasamalai, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.