Sex in the News


Colbert needs help finding Vagistan, Measure B and Prop 35 pass, how sex surrogacy heals., porn doesn't necessarily change the way he has sex, and more in this week's sex in the news. 

  • I'm all for condoms in porn, but I agree with Tristan Taormino on this one. Measure B does not stand for better. (HuffPo) Still, it passes. (LATimes)
  • Epic fail: Prop 35. (PeninsulaPress) Update, a lawsuit is blocking Prop 35 right now. (SCPR)
  • Stephen Colbert needs help finding Vagistan. (ColbertReport)
  • Despite all the screaming, porn does not necessarily change the way (gay men) have sex. (Slate)
  • A sex surrogates story of why, who and how. (Salon)
  • Bawdy Storytelling or Bust! (Bust)
  • Are rebound relationships doomed? (PsychCentral)
  • Ten twitter-ific sex and dating experts. (Mashable)
  • What might happen if you're caught masturbating at Starbucks. (TheSmokingGun)
  • Kirstie Alley calls John Travolta the love of her life. (PerezHilton)
  • File under Not Pretty At All. Octomom's son watches his mother do things he shouldn't watch his mother do. (Examiner)