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The Jhanas: Meditative Absorptions
By Jay Michaelson
The jhanas are states of heightened concentration that have
been cultivated by Hindus and Buddhists for three thousand years. They
are altered states, full of bliss and, I would say, holiness.  Here I
describe my experiences of the jhanic states and their significance for
spiritual practitioners.

Diamond Solitaire: Washing Beets with God
By Erik Davis 
A little over a decade ago, I had a bona-fide, Grade A, no-shit
“mystical” experience – or at least something that felt a hell of a lot
like one.

Homo Luminus: You with Wings
By Stella Osorojos 
During meditation, I activate a pattern of acupuncture points on my
back and ask for "The Wingmaker Frequency." Then an astonishing thing
happened: Wings sprouted from my back, I shit you not. Have homo sapiens reached the next phase of our evolution?

Meditation: The Controlled Psychophysical Self-Regulation Process that Works

By Stephan Schwartz
During meditation your brain changes, your blood chemistry changes, your stress level goes down, your muscles relax, your heart beat slows, your blood pressure decreases, and your sense of well-being increases. Not bad for 20 minutes.

Meditation and "Drugs"

By Jay Michaelson

It's a not-so-dirty little secret that most of today's leading meditation teachers were interested in drugs. By "drugs," of course, I don't mean alcohol or Oxycontin, but rather that subset of chemicals which our society has deemed unfit for human consumption, including cannabis, psilocybin, MDMA, and others.

Spirituality and States: Getting Beyond the Good Stuff

By Jay Michaelson 
For most spiritual folks, state change is what it's all about.  Spiritual states have the power to open the mind, nourish the heart, and change the world.  They are, I think, the most important force for social and environmental sustainability on the planet.  And they can be lots of fun, too.

The Gifts of Boredom

By Jay Michaelson

When you make a spiritual practice of boredom, you are creating new neural pathways that allow you to relate to unpleasant stimuli in new ways. The point is to use boredom as a gateway to pure awareness. 

The Value of Solitude

By Bob Kull 
Although we sometimes think that being alone is unhealthy, solitude provides a respite from the demands of social life and creates a space for personal healing. Paradoxically, spending time alone can soften our sense of alienation from others.

Kurtz in Birkenstocks
By Andrew Boyd
[Pilgrimage to Nowhere] • After five days at the Thai meditation retreat, I had yet to find a proper teacher. When I met Roger, I launched into a capsule version of my checkered spiritual past, the eclectic influences; my suspicion of organized religion. As best as I could, I described the harrowing quality of those early mystical experiences. "It was as if I had died," I told him. "You did die," he said with a big smile.

The Anger Meditation
By Martin Boroson

We live in a greedy, competitive society with a strong belief in "self"
and expectations of a perfect life, and we have a lot of anger. Instead
of venting anger, or rejecting it as "un-spiritual," or dumping it on
someone else, you can work on it internally. Here's how to do it.




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