We'll soon know whether or not the end
times will arrive on December 21, 2012. But when will the next hurricane
Sandy hit the east coast? What happens if the power grid gets knocked
out? Or if the economy crashes? If Sandy taught us anything, it's that
the systems we depend on for our survival — for energy, food, clean
water — are fragile and the potential for disruption is real. In our
era, being prepared for a major crisis isn't alarmist, it's common

For nearly three decades, Aton
Edwards has been acquiring the skills that make him one of the world's
leading emergency survival experts. A specialist in the fields of
self-reliance, emergency preparedness, and sustainable living, Aton is
also a social activist and community organizer — the ideal person to
teach the Evolver community the basics of disaster preparation. And, as a
former stand-up comic, his delivery is far from dry. In his upcoming
Evolver Intensives course, "Preparedness Now: Create Your Emergency
Survival Plan,"
Aton will show you how to prepare for any emergency, and
how to best create practical, sustainable communities that can thrive
during any crisis.

Check out this fascinating interview where Aton describes the course, and shares the remarkable experiences
that made him the go-to guy for everyone from Chuck D to Whoopie
Goldberg, not to mention Daniel Pinchbeck, Amok Press, and the Evolver



And then check out this video, where Aton shows you the 5 top things you need to be prepared for an emergency:



Develop a plan for yourself, your family and your business for coping with the dangers of an unexpected crisis with survival expert Aton Edwards, in the upcoming interactive, live webinar, "Preparedness Now: Create Your Emergency Survival Plan." This Evolver Intensive starts on December 13. 

When hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, few of us were prepared — not for the devastation, the gas shortages, the black outs, the cold, or the many challenges that accompany the breakdown of our basic infrastructure. Disasters like hurricane Sandy are no longer freak occurrences. In this time of transition and change, it is clear that emergency preparedness is becoming a necessary part of everyday life.

What must you do to be prepared for a major disaster, be it be it flood or fire, hurricane or economic meltdown, disease or nuclear accident?

  • What are the best practices developed by disaster relief experts?
  • What simple, practical steps can you take to protect your family, friends and business?
  • How do you overcome feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of a potential disaster?

For over two decades, Aton Edwards has trained thousands of people across the nation and around the world in emergency evacuation, outdoor survival, sustainable living, urban farming, renewable energy system technology, and martial arts. He is the Executive Director of the International Preparedness Network, a New York-based NGO that specializes in training civilians and professionals in mitigating against and responding to the full range of natural, technological, environmental and civil disasters. Considered by many to be the “best of the best,” Aton has become the go-to preparedness expert for a wide range of media, including NBC News, The Today Show, MSNBC, the Discovery Channel’s "How The World Will End," National Geographic’s TV special "6 Degrees," and New York Magazine.

In this exclusive, 4-part Evolver Intensives course, Aton will take you through the major objectives of preparedness and help you to write your own action plan for the next disaster. Thanks to this course, you will know what supplies you need, where to find the appropriate resources, and what to anticipate during the time of crisis.

A lifelong environmentalist and social activist, Aton brings a special consciousness to the topic. He emphasizes the importance of collaborating with your community during a disaster, because you are only as safe as your neighbor. And Aton will show you how preparedness can be a normal part of your life that doesn't cramp your style, one more way to be ready for the surprises of an uncertain future.

You will be part of this unique online event — a rare opportunity to delve into the details of emergency preparation — watching the live video stream and asking your questions directly to one of the world's most respected preparedness experts. Each session begins with a lecture and is followed by a Q & A session in which you can take part. You can participate from your laptop anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can sign up for this important training program.

By participating in this online course, you will receive:

  • Four 90-minute live video seminars with Aton Edwards
  • 30 minutes of question and answer time
  • Participation in a private online community with other students
  • Unlimited online access to the video recording of the seminar
  • PDF articles about course topics from Aton

When: 4 Sessions, starting December 13 6 p.m. Los Angeles, 9 p.m. New York