Sex in the News


The link between oxytocin and monogamy, sex and social media, America's earliest political sex scandals, military sex, gay penguin dads, and more in this week's sex in the news.

  • Inject oxytocin into your man and he may be more monogamous. (LATimes)
  • Making love in war.  (WashingtonPost)
  • Couple gets three months in jail for sex in a taxi. (Guardian)
  • World first. Gay penguins become fathers. (TheStar)
  • Kelly Shibari talks about how she became a fat porn star role model. (xojane)
  • Can Facebook promote safe sex? (Salon)
  • Oh Joy! Study shows sex outranks other of life's pleasures. (CBS)
  • Sex and the Twitter Girl. (DailyBeast)
  • American political sex scandals. The early years. (MentalFloss)
  • Taking boning to a whole new level. (TheSun)
  • Penis spikes, pee and points. Porcupine sex unquilled. (Slate)