Enjoy these podcasts from Reality Sandwich and friends. 

RS Podcast, Episode 3: "Spreading Awareness Awareness"
Hosts: OddEdges
March 8, 2013
The third Reality Sandwich podcast is up! Now available: "Episode 3: Spreading Awareness Awareness, with Russell Targ, Krystle Cole, David Silver, and Linwood." 

Mindrolling: Politics and Spirituality
Hosts: David Silver and Raghu Markus
February, 2, 2013
For hosts David Silver and Raghu Markus, the Mindrolling podcast is about becoming unstuck. It's a rock and rolling conversation remembering the 60s, digesting the 70s, paralleling then and now, right now, in the growing 10s of the 21st century. Including a talk by Ram Dass from 1979 and David's recounting of his encounter with Richard Nixon. 

RS Podcast, Episode 2: "Still Not the End of the World"
OddEdges and Sister H
January 15, 2013
December 21st 2012 came and we're all still alive to rap about it! On this edition of the Reality Sandwich Podcast – Gabriel D Roberts returns for an interview with Graham Hancock. Our resident sacred economist Charles Eisenstein interviews the legendary Joseph Chilton Pearce. And Erin Shaw brings us an interview with David Jay Brown on his latest book Psychedelic Drug Research: A Comprehensive Review. Also Sister H and OddEdges go over the news and their December 21st 2012 experience.

RS Podcast, Episode 1: "The Phantom Machine Elf"
OddEdges and Sister H
December 12, 2012
Announcing the new Reality Sandwich podcast, delivering the RS magic aurally. Now available: "Episode 1: The Phantom Machine Elf, with Rupert Sheldrake, Daniel Moler, and Penn Badgley."  In this edition we cover dogma, telepathy, James Joyce, language-reality breakdowns, learning to vomit and learning to love, how Peruvians predict the next president, predicting the future with your skin, the happiest man on earth, and the enduring influence of the late, great Terence McKenna.