The Bloom: A Journey through Transformational Festivals


The Bloom: A Journey through Transformational Festivals is a new, four-part web series that explores the blossoming cultural renaissance of transformational festivals, immersive participatory realities which are having profound life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of lives. Starting in summer 2012 into 2013, a team of "light workers and artists" are visiting over 23 transformational festivals around the globe to tell a true story of genuine hope and inspiration for our times. Pointing the way to a bright and promising future, The Bloom explores how these festivals are awakening human consciousness through creativity, love, and joy.

Over the course of four episodes, The Bloom examines the alchemy of themes behind these festivals, suggesting a path towards human flourishing that extends beyond the boundaries of any single gathering.

explores the fundamental frequencies of Transformational Festivals. As immersive environments of inspiration, the first episode examines how Transformational Festivals create containers for the facilitation of peak experiences, often catalyzing powerful, healing processes with lasting and positive life-changing effects.

Episode 2 CO-CREATION * PARTICIPATION * MODELLING examines how Transformational Festivals have become opportunities for practicing a new paradigm of participation, of producing reality through co-creation and meaningful community experience rather than consumption. It explores how Transformational Festivals model this new paradigm for living, encouraging participants to take their transformational experiences back into their communities and their everyday lives.

investigates the new ways of the sacred that emerge through Transformational Festivals. It suggests that these gatherings re-instill a sense of mythos and awareness of our role in a greater, multidimensional reality and story, fulfilling the functions that ritual once played in traditional societies. Synthesizing spiritual ideas from diverse wisdom traditions, Transformational Festivals are developing an authentic, third-millenium spiritual culture that is experiencing and honoring the sacred as a community without dogma, doctrine, or charismatic gurus.

Episode 4 GENDER ALCHEMY * RE-INDIGENIZATION * RE-INHABITING THE VILLAGE traverses the current learning curve of transformational festivals in the growth edges of its evolving culture. Through exploration of the themes of gender alchemy, this cultural process seeks to find balance and healing, honoring gender relations that unite the powerful medicine of the divine feminine with an emerging model of the divine masculine. Transformational Fstivals support the honoring of a deep connection with the earth, catalyzing a cultural re-encounter between neo-tribal festival communities and representatives of indigenous communities in right relationship. Additionally, these festivals are answering the need for experiencing the deep connections of the village community, with a growing number of festivals consciously becoming multi-generational gatherings.

The Bloom is written, narrated, and hosted by Jeet-Kei Leung, who the Reality Sandwich community previously encountered through his TEDx Vancouver talk on Transformational Festivals in 2011. It is edited by Akira Chan and produced in association with Elevate Films, Keyframe Entertainment, Muti Music & Grounded TV.

The first episode will be released on February 7, 2013.

Featured festivals: Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Inshala, Entheos, Sonic Bloom, Diversity, Mystic Garden, Faerieworlds, Bass Coast, Boom, Beloved, Shambhala, Rootwire, Burning Man, Water Woman, Art Outside, Knowphest, Lunacy, and more to be announced soon.