Sex in the News

The sex-positive Parent on children and guns, the new Arab manhood, parenthood's greyest generation and Scalia and same-sex marriage, in this week's sex in the news.

  • Talking to your kids about gun violence. (TheSexPositiveParent)
  • The new Arab manhood. Equality for daughters, love marriages and yes, condoms. (Slate)
  • Older parenthood: The greyest generation. (TNR)
  • "If someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down" – one dumb Orange County judge on rape. (LATimes)
  • Scalia and same-sex marriage. (ChicagoTribune)
  • Nation's first standardized sex-ed test confirms the obvious: we need better sex education! (ABC)
  • Amelia Earhart's prenup shows she was more than slightly ahead of her time. (Feministing)
  • Is "Baby It's Cold Outside," a date-rape anthem? (Salon)
  • Choose Life is no longer a choice when it comes to your licence plate, North Carolina. (CNN)
  • Mike Tyson claims he's still "looking like a man." (Yahoo)