Referred to as, "an ethereal poet with a talent for writing contagious pop hooks," by Billboard Magazine, Laurell Eden has been super busy responding to the success of the single “We’re All Still Here”, a funny dance, pop song poking fun at our collective fears about December 21. RS spoke with her last month about her inspiration for the song and personal insights for the future.

Aside from being a pop diva charting on 3 continents, having earned a gold record and a #1 single in Canada and Europe, Laurell is also a Spiritual Teacher and is the creator of 'The Life Cycle', a straight forward, four-step process to connect with Divine Guidance.

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What inspired you to write this song?

I created this song and video to help us laugh a little at our collective fears about December 21st, 2012, a date used as a backdrop for doomsday movies, TV shows, You Tube videos and books that have scared the hell out of us. I want to help us move out of fear about this day and move into laughter and joy instead. The song is a joyous post-Dec. 21st anthem of celebration. Its major theme is in the chorus, "We're all still here, alive. There's a party and it’s worldwide. So, throw your hands up high cause we made it here alright." By the middle of the video, we've already made it safely to December 22nd. When people see or imagine a positive outcome in advance, it helps them to chill out and expect to be okay. Laughter is such good medicine.

When did you become aware of the Mayan Calendar?

Maybe 15 years ago. I’ve been to Chechen Itza, Mexico a bunch of times since 2002 on the equinox, when you can see the snake appear on the side of the pyramid. Amazing!

How have people been responding to the music video?

People seem to love it. I hear kids like it. That’s awesome! Spiritual people are happy I’m helping people not be afraid of the date. Everyone else just seems to think its funny. Either way, I’m so happy people are appreciating it.

Have you experienced any synchronicities or serendipitous moments during the writing, planning or production phases of this project?  

Right after I wrote the song and finished producing the version you hear now (alongside Adam Small), I had a lot of people tell me that I needed to make a video within two days. That was synchronistic. 

What does Dec 21 2012 mean to you?

I see 2012 as a mile marker in our collective spiritual journey. It marks an approximate time that has already begun, a time when more and more of us are waking up to our essential spiritual nature and to the knowledge that we are all one. When we know we're one, we naturally see the benefit of making choices that benefit the whole. That makes the world more peaceful, more loving, and a whole lot more fun to live in.

What are your thoughts on preparation?

December 21st, the solstice, is "New Year." Remember that you have a choice in what the significance of this particular “New Year” will be for you. My suggestion for whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to be, is to take a few moments on this day, and the days leading up to it, to sit peacefully with a heart full of love. Love yourself and everyone. See and feel your mind, your life and the world as loving and peaceful. 

Our minds are so powerful. Psychologically, we see what we expect to see because our beliefs are like filters of our experience. If we believe the world is loving, we’ll see that. If we believe the world sucks, we’ll see that. Either way, we are right.  But, what do you want to see?  What’s more empowering?  If you believe something about yourself and the world, you unconsciously broadcast it.  People can unconsciously and consciously tell how you believe you deserve to be treated, if you have confidence in what you’re talking about, how approachable and nice you are, and they are going to respond to that.  We create a lot of how people interact with us.  

Then, on a spiritual level, we’re vibrating with the whole world.  When you sing the note E, everything in the room tuned to E will vibrate with your note.  If you have a tuning fork tuned to E, or guitar strings, or piano strings with the damper up so they can vibrate freely, these will vibrate and play E without you having to strike the fork or the strings!  I used to ring the doorbell chimes in my house when I was a kid by singing the notes of the chimes. Drove my parents crazy!  I believe this carries over to our emotions. If you’re joyful, everything in the Universe that is joyful rings with you and connects you to it. All it takes to improve your life is a tiny 1% shift toward being happier. Just a one-degree move toward joy has you going in the right direction! 

Where will you be on Dec 21st?

I will be home in NYC visualizing a loving and peaceful world. I may also be performing my song at an event. I’m working on that now.

What are your visions of the future considering the changes that we are currently undergoing?

I’d love to see aliens show up in a big public, undisputable way. That would rock. If they were going to attack us, I think that would have happened already.

Describe a scene of what the future might look like to you after the shift in consciousness?  

I think this is happening in waves and in bits. My ideal world is one where we all see that we’re one and recognize that the best interests of others are in our personal best interest. Then it all falls into place. When you know who you are, that you are spirit and recognize that we’re all one, we stop fighting and we stop being petty. Silent sitting meditation is so important for a real experience of your spiritual nature, not a “belief in it."  I recommend watching Adyashanti and Mukti on YouTube and go to their silent retreats. 

What role do you think art plays in getting these ideas and concepts out to a broader audience? 

A huge one. Science fiction has been predicting inventions for the longest time. Steven Spielberg said that when he was releasing Close Encounters, what made him a believer was the 30+ page letter he got from our government. He figured that if they took the time to do that, something MUST HAVE been going on. People see a bit of the future and its possibilities and then when it shows up. They are at least a little psychologically prepared because they have imagined it, even if it's just watching characters in movies deal with these things.